Two years of research two hundred interviews - your thoughts

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After travelling to distant places and interviewing the great and good from business, sports, politics, management and leadership, the book -
Personal Best - How Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Success - is all good to go.

Now I am trying to take some of my own advice and realise that none of us alone is as smart as all of us together....the book will be launched this month and is already for sale in Kindle store - however my intention is to give free access to people on this particular part of the warrior forum and to some colleagues to gather some early feedback from people who have an interest in this area.

I have been fortunate that a number of high profile people agreed to contribute to the main themes of the book and the ongoing intention is that profits will go to a global charity.

Appreciate any view or anyone who could take a look at digital version, share their view and perhaps help spread the word.

It will be available free for two days next week - if you pop me a PM or post here I will be sure to forward you relevant link. In the meantime my signature link will take you to general information page and tell you some more around what the book is about and those who helped.

Many thanks - welcome all feedback.

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    That looks like an interesting array of successful people you have included in your book.

    I'd love to know when it is up. Are you putting it through Kindle Select?

    How did you acquire access to these people?

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    I would love to know how to get access to these people too! Could you PM me a link to a copy? I would love a Kindle file version if you have one available.
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    Hi Guys

    Thanks for your responses - I was fairly systematic in my approach - I would be happy to share this with you. To a degree it is about being able to connect and offer a compelling reason - the truth is most of these people had received requests for interviews before and many on a continuous basis so it important to have a fairly strong message..

    There are key ways to differentiate your message.

    Although happy to provide more flesh to this, the basics were as follows;

    Write to or email targets ( outsource when possible )
    Follow up with call ( nod dodging it, this is something you need to do yourself)
    If you cannot secure direct face to face interview - suggest telephone or skype
    Know about them - no point in speaking to people about their career and key life drivers if you have not edicated yourslef on their major achievements.

    Happy to share more information if of use to you and will provide Kindle link - later this week, my intention was to make it free to people on this thread/forum and to notify some reviewers that I know also.

    Thanks again guys and happy to provide more background to anyone interested in this project.

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