How to overcoming a large task

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We all encounter tasks or challenges that seem impossible. First off, anything is possible. Its matter of getting away from the emotion that something is impossible.

To overcome a difficult task:

1. Break the task down into smaller easier tasks.

2. Ask for help from knowledgeable people
A. Sometimes something as simiple as google or youtube will solve it

3. Come up with a plan. Grab a pen and a pad and draw out a plan.

4. Take a step away from the challenge.
A. Sometimes just time away from the problem will give you time to think about it to come up with a solution or a plan.

5. Break out the wallet.
A. Somethings are worth just paying someone else to worry about it who is more knowledgeable or skilled in an area.
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    Very good points made here. I recently decided that I was going to start making my own videos. This was huge for me because I'm not technical. I mean hardly at all. Well after much frustration I got it done. Using YouTube and Google and the WF helped me a ton and buying a product on the forum was the final answer. This is a nice share.

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    All of these are great points. I have another point to add to this. Sometimes, it's hard to take that first step. I have a card with two words in my office. They are "take action." Any action. I find that this really helps me get over the first bug hump.

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    Great tips all around. The more you can distance yourself from the negative emotions generated from an obstacle, the more efficiently your brain will come up with a solution.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    Great points and great tips, this will definitely help people just starting out in IM and entrepreneurship.
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    For me, I just need to know the tasks that need to be done.
    Next, I make my assistant do it!
    Makes my life easier, I feel less stressed, and I become more productive at creating plans because they are so easy to carry out now.
    I focus my time on other money making strategies.

    Don't Forget To Give Thanks to Those That Have Helped You!

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    Thats some great tips. I usually try to do my work daily and in a smaller lot. So that I don't have to face a lot of pressure at a time.
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    Tips are really helpful. Thanks anyway. I think the main thing should be looking at everything positively.
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      Great tips. I always take a deep breath and relax, believing I will get it done.
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    THIS IS GREAT! Me personally, I write out a plan and just do it. Sometimes we make things a lot more difficult than they have to be. Theres no point in b*tching and over analyzing when theres a pile of work to do. Take Nike's approach and JUST DO IT! Dive face first into the work! After you're use to doing a large projects there is no such thing as "hard". The hardest thing about work and school is making yourself do the work. Once you have done that you hard half way there
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    You will have to have a strong will power.
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      Deadlines motivate me! I'm pretty good at talking my way out of just about anything, but if there's a deadline looming, the fire gets lit and I get to work. The trick of course is making sure the deadline means something so you don't blow it off. Money works for like a charm - I tell myself that if I do X, then I'll get paid for it this coming month; if not, I'm missing out on that money! And it's true, so the motivation is real. Plus, it feels good to meet a deadline; so the motivation is both internal and external.

      Jarmila -- Self-development Coach at the Brainwave Research Institute
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        Breaking down into smaller tasks certainly helps me when calculating my finances.

        Sometimes that can be very daunting!

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