"I can't do this anymore"

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You know it has never been in my nature to say I can't do something. I want to know something. Since when was it up to you to decide you can't do something?

Did you even give it a try? If it failed once why not try again but approach it differently?

Why is it that so many people say they can't do something knowing damn well they can.

It frustrates me, to hear people say they can't do something. Seriously, give it a try stop being a bitch about it. If you tried once it didn't work, change something up and try again. If it got better then change it up a little bit to make it even better.

Its like an ad campaign. You buy clicks from Google Adwords and your ad does not convert at all. So instead of calling it quits you tweak the ad, if you make at least $1 back, you know that you have something that converts. So now your goal should be to make it better.

Are you going to make it better though? Or are you so weak and frustrated that you can't, or better yet don't want too.

What does it take to get people to stop believing they can't do something. There was a lot of things that I thought that I could not do. But I only thought that because I haven't done them. So I said to myself there is only one way to know if I can't do this shit and that would be to actually do it.

So get up outside of that ******* box that you are keeping yourself in and do the shit that makes you uncomfortable. Will it be hard of course it will be, but that is what makes it better. You did something you thought you could not do and it was a challenge to do it at the same damn time. You should feel good about yourself.

If not then you seriously have a ******* problem.

"I can't make this work"
"I can't do this..."
"I can't do that..."

Give it a try again and see what happens, if you haven't tried now is the ******* time to try it.

I got somethings that I still think I can't do but you know what, I'm going to try them anyways. I don't care how long it takes. The "I can't make this work" will become "I will make this work".

Difference being I'm not ready to call it quits on anything I think I can't do.

What I can't do is the challenge.

So are you ready to meet your own challenge?

Talk soon,

~ Isaiah Jackson
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    This is something that all of us at one point in our lives are guilty of. I still get pangs of that. It is lack of discipline, mixed with laziness, and self doubt.

    In all honesty I think it is just laziness.

    The sad part is that people are AWARE that they are just being lazy, and are lying to themselves.

    I am guilty of doing it 2 days ago. I really just wanted to take a shower and go to sleep, so I told myself I will not finish my squats because I am too tired. I was even asking myself why I was lying to myself, and just came up with the word LAZY, and want some immediate pleasure, rather than long term fitness success.

    Thankfully this happens rarely.

    Don't Forget To Give Thanks to Those That Have Helped You!

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      Originally Posted by aliveder View Post

      This is something that all of us at one point in our lives are guilty of. I still get pangs of that. It is lack of discipline, mixed with laziness, and self doubt.

      In all honesty I think it is just laziness.

      The sad part is that people are AWARE that they are just being lazy, and are lying to themselves.
      I was JUST thinking about this on the way to the gym this morning. We've got so many sophisticated words for describing our personal limitations:

      Procrastination (that's a long one lol)
      Fear of failure
      Fear of success
      Low self-image
      Faulty Subconscious programming

      Us humans are good at making negative things sound complicated and important, when it's really just a bunch of laziness. Theft is called "embezzlement," cheating is called "having an affair," laziness is called "procrastination."

      Break all those fancy personal growth branding terms down to brass tacks and you've got good old fashioned garden variety laziness. It's easier to not do, it's in our nature and I do mean OUR.

      I just remind myself of what the late Zig Ziglar said:

      "Life is tough, but when you're tough on yourself life is a lot less tough on you."

      Tough on yourself, not tolerating laziness. Not buying your own BS when you say you'll do it later. You probably won't, and if you don't want to do it now, it won't be any easier to do it later.

      Just ante up and do it, whether you're ready or not.

      PS: Thanks to Isaiah Jackson for posting this discussion.
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    Sad that some people really has this 'negativity' thing in their minds. That they not even bother give it a try. I think that's the reason my some of us have this laziness, i think it's because negativity already has conquered us, 'why bother it's going to fail anyway' it's sad and it's bad.
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    I know I've been guilty of this. Ironically I've been trying incredibly hard to ignore that little voice...and so far I've been more successful.
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      I have been there many times. Recently I was introduced to law of attraction and power of intentions. My whole mind set is positive and focused. Just remember to believe in yourself and take action!
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    there is a difference between i can't ..and this was a dream to begin with .. it is really not important to me to really do it ..

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    I find it pretty amazing actually that so far the comments to this have to do with fitness.

    The same can be applied to anything else though.

    That voice telling you "you can't do it anymore"

    Its just a voice, YOU have the say so, do you listen to that little baby voice or are you going to grow up and let that voice know who is the boss of your life?

    Very interesting points from all of you.

    ~ Isaiah Jackson
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    Impatience is the main obstacle of success.
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