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I read things like this: http://www.warriorforum.com/mind-war...g-harmful.html

And it tells me that this world still has a long way to go. Who am I?

Denny Morales started his career at the young age of 16, becoming one of the youngest directors in television. Over the course of 14 years, he worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, and Fox directing and technical directing, where he won his first Emmy technical directing. His attention within the television realm waned, and he desired for more bigger and better things, such as becoming a Hollywood producer and business owner. He would constantly be starting businesses on the side, and making short films on side when he wasn't at his day job, such as working on the 3-time award winning Paul Cruz: Latin Actor as production coordinator and working on the Flipping Vegas reality show pilot, getting it picked up with just a shoot-to-edit reel. At the age of 27 he went through his midlife crisis, losing everything he ever gained in his life, including his house, cars, and wife. In a struggle to make his life successful, he turned to spirituality. This guided him through his struggle, and showed him not to give up, and how the use of spirituality can give you anything you've ever wanted in life. When he was laid off from Fox in 2008, he took his chance on his dream full on. Living off of unemployment, he started his next business venture. At this time, he got involved in the world of teaching filmmaking and internet marketing. While struggling to make a successful company, he went into many business ventures, which brought him to working with multimillionaires such as J.T. Fox and Jordan Weirsz. After speaking onstage with J.T. Fox, he fell in love with teaching others. Through using tools that spirituality had presented, success had begun to come into his life and in business. He finally focused on being a producer and started his own production company. From there, he had been making connections in Hollywood, teaming up with Palladium Books to expand their media material, and had landed a deal with a person he always dreamed of working with, 7-times best selling author, Neale Donald Walsch. Denny is currently getting ready for a million plus launch, and producing The Last Formula film, which interviews successful spiritual, and business leaders from all over the world, which will also be a million plus launch.

Ok so now you know who I' am, reason I pointed out the thread above, is not to bash, but to bring awareness to people that think positive thinking, self help stuff is a joke. I'm proof this stuff works. The less I do in my life, and the more I hone my inner self, and create positive thoughts, the better my life gets, and the more relationships that just drop on my lap.

Money doesn't grow on trees? So what is money made out of? I make this point to help us understand how society has programmed us so bad, that now we even bag on self help gurus. I keep hearing people talk bad about The Secret. They only do that to make more sales for their products. My project is actually a competitor of The Secret, but I don't look at it that way, I see it as just showing you another way to take information, incase that way seems off to you. When you realize that there is no wrong, and right, and just a right path to get somewhere, life will change over night for you. Example: You live in Las Vegas, and you want to go to Florida, you wouldn't go to Hawaii first then come back to Florida, but it's not a wrong way to go, just a longer way.

So what we are doing is back peddling, instead of really honing in to what we want to do. I thought I wanted to start a film school in 2009, which I did, and we did our online marketing so well, we even had Warner Brothers calling us to screen a film at our school. We had a little 1,100 square foot office.

I created all that, but I really wanted to work on films, and not teach how to make films, once I figured that out, my life exploded. Oh we had to close down the film school from lack of funds.

Now to the whole positive mindset thing not working. All you have to keep in mind is to do 10% action. Once you hold a clear positive mind to what you want, the universe will bring you that matter. But you have to be ready to jump on when that does happen. It's all balance. If you don't do anything, well you will just be happy in a nice thought, but nothing will move cause you didn't actually go buy that domain name to make that cool website. If you try to hard, and buy links, and spam all over, then you get slammed by google. Everything works in an organic manner, and with constant motion.

By staying constant, and authentic. Meaning do what you really want to do, and keep a job until you can quit, to keep your dream alive. Last be patient. I wanted to sum it all up to that one word. Patience. Put in your mind that what you're doing now, you would not mind doing it 10 years from now. Now once you honed, kept constant form, stayed true to you, and not chase the next shiny object, I guarntee success

Much Love
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    I believe that mindset is a major part of any thing you attempt in life. You need that inner guidance and a positive outlook at all times but along with your attitude you must take ACTION.
    Thoughts alone are not going to deliver. You have to be prepared to work towards the goals you have set for yourself. Setting goals is like having a road map. You know where to start and you know what direction you are traavelling.
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      I really don't see a better way than positive thinking. Wastes a lot of time thinking otherwise. It is scary when I come across people who have a negative disposition and only see the "glass half empty". Gets even tougher when it's someone real close to you. I personally believe they can change it as I have put time into personal development.

      God gave us choices and unfortunately we as humans don't always make the right choice.


      Manny Rodriguez Blog:

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    Positive thinking definitely helps any project and in life in general you are more effiecnent and think of better ideas.
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    The usefulness of positive thinking is beyond any description. Without thinking positive, how can a man make things positive around him??????
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    Positive thinking results are always positive. It is the key to success.
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    I've always understood this. I mean, how can you achieve anything significant in life unless you have the right mentality.
    Imagine trying to become a millionaire but thinking the world is against you. Sure you can get luck and still make that million but you're always looking over your shoulder in fear. If you approach life with the right attitude suddenly everybody is a friend or potential business partner. Options and opportunities open up.
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    I am an eternal optimist. I swing my legs over the side of the bed each day, and get up and give it my best shot. I know there are people who seem to have a black cloud hanging over them all the time, but life is too short. I also believe that we attract like frequencies to what we emit...so that by being positive, positive things will happen to us.
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    Positive thinking is very important if you want to succeed in life and in business.

    You can not have a negative attitude and then expect great results if you are trying to build a business online. But again, just being positive and persistent does not guarantee that you will succeed.

    You have got to find out what works best for you online and then do more of it.
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    Positive thinkers always keep themselves free from all anxieties. Positive thinking is the key to all success.
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    I study a lot of personal development and positive thinking and our thoughts have a frequency and when you study the law of attraction you really start to see how we create our own world from positive or negative thoughts, so it's best to keep positive thoughts.
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      I feel a lot better when I think positively but goods things have happened to me when I was thinking negatively also. I've always believed that there is no law of attraction or law of thinking positively. A law works every time -- like gravity -- and like I said -- I've had great things happen to me when I was hard on myself and bad things happen when I was all pumped up and ready for the world.

      I think there are certain things in life we just have to go through for whatever reason and no amount of positive thinking will change that. I think where positive thinking is very useful is that it gives us the courage to push through those low points, not eliminate the low points per se.
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    Depends on what you call positive thinking.

    If you say "I don't know how to do this, but I am sure I can learn it", it is obviously better than saying "how the hell will I ever be able to do this?"

    If you say "I am already rich, wealth comes to me easily, i am attracting money in abundance, pigs keep flying over me", it is obviously better to choose a more realistic route.

    1. If you try to get to the mindset of having already achieved, why would you do anything? Doesn't there need to be a hole to fill to actually do something?
    2. Do you think your subconscious will change just because of mental words in the conscious mind? If so, read more (from someone who aren't selling you a concept based on confirmation and cause&effect bias).
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    Thanks, I enjoyed your story...Yes positive thinking, or thinking of what you want most of the time will ensure a great life. If people would only realize or learn that they are not here on earth going with the flow, or just reacting to what happens to them. You are truly the master of your life. When I learned this a number of years ago it changed everything and I have never been happier. If anyone like to contact me feel free...

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    Positive thinking= Positive results
    Positive thinking= success

    So, the key is keep positive thinking
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