It's Finally Time For Me To Speak.

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The knowledge I have acquired in business, sales, and marketing over the last 12 years has really provided a platform for knowledge and experience that has transformed a younger past self into an empowered self with a drive that accepts the success that is already abundant in life.

Internet Marketing has been relatively new to me. 4 years of building lil sites for mom and pop shops, 2 years of online affiliate marketing and product development and sales like nanotech golf ball spray that makes golfballs fly 20% farther. lol that was a duzeee..

Connecting with other link minded people became easy with just a few realized secrets that lay under the layer of obvious.

Acquiring information online has reached its point to be cyclical systems of redundancy. As technology progresses systems will change, but the basic concepts always stay the same. We are all human and we all fall victim to our own cycles, in which creates human predictability.

Look at content consumption and creation in yourself, let's look at the Input and output of media or information. Let's better call it IpOp.

If we focus on balancing our input and output of information. IpOp
Creativity, and independent experience create diversity in the filtering of the information's input and also recall to output if that action is made. There's no denying we all communicate differently. Trying to express ourselves in different ways. Some intraverts some extraverts. Well these are the polar opposites. Balancing these is key.

-I am excited to take my last several years of experience of selling digital marketing products and services to local businesses, creating my own nation of online assets, and now teaching everything I know to my friends who have fed me information online for the past few years.

It's time I take my personalized information that has done wonders for me and share it with you.

The mind and brain is one of the most powerful tools on this planet. To use it is to honor it. The brains optimization is based on these point, but are not limited to, nutrition, knowledge, communications, spiritual development, mind-body-spirit connection, and emotional intelligence. Combining optimization of all these together creates much more powerful of a machine.

We optimize the brain, we can increase IpOp of information. If this is quality information that is being create, the created is awarded with value.

Playing with our action/reactions and analyzing them to the point where we can identify positive and negative triggers, flows, and responses of our actions and/or reactions we will be enlightened with better response to IpOp data. The more of that which our minds are projecting the more of which we can learn from our experiences.

Looking at the past and present is important to drive the future. We don't know what's always ahead of us but if we are watching and paying attention we can drive much more safely and predictably.

Data is important in all ways.

possibly more...

Data is valuable.
Data is all around us, its in the machines, it is in you and I. We experience it through our senses. We create it with our hands and fingers, we put it together in different forms to build with online and offline. It's really quite remarkable.

If personal success is a result from action, action is a result of our thought and forced bodily movement, we are logically moved to see that mind projection and powerful force to drive the body under distress we can be achieving the goals as a sign of our success. Then success seems to me to start and end in the mind.

I want to say, "success is achieved if believed so"

What do you think?
I want to hear your feedback.

Tell me about your secrets of achieving your success. (No matter how big or small)

With thankful blessings,

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    Success is goals and all else is commentary-Brian Tracy

    “The primary reason for failure is that people do not develop new
    plans to replace those plans that did not work.” (Napoleon Hill)

    I like setting goals. I write them down everyday in point form and the number one goal is my top priority.
    For me success is a mindset like being wealthy is a mind set.
    * being rich which means that you have accumulated lots of money
    *Wealthy means accumulated wisdom by life choices which attracts riches.
    * Success means achieving many goals over and over again which attracts wealth
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