The rock bitch and the egg incident ! Talking about perserverance

by chriz
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I came across this video of a female singer who performed at a big festival. When she started singing someone threw an egg at her face. Most musicians would have been pissed and would have left the stage. She didn't ! She took of her t-shirt and performed in her red bra for thousands of people at Pinkpop !

Talking about motivation, perserverance and positive attitude ! She's big in Europe, but if she was born in the US she would have been even bigger ! The owners of the record label in the US wanted to promote her as the new Melissa Etheridge.

As bad as she wanted it, she didn't not want any part of it and said goodbye forever to the record labels. One performer who does not let herself to be mold into something she is not. Cudo's to her ! Moral of the story always keep on going whatever setbacks you encounter in your business and your life...

You can see the egg thrown and her reaction at around 20 seconds into the video

There's nobody who can top the version from R.E.M. losing my religion, but with more than one million views on youtube already she comes close...


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