GettingThrough a Difficult Situation?

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How do you overcome financial hardships, rough spots, etc... mentally and emotionally?

I don't mean to create a sob story and I hope it isn't too off topic for this section of the fourm but I think a bit of background is required on why I'm asking this:

In short in in less than a week I'm going to be left with $16 left in my bank account after rent is paid a bit late. I've been interning thankfully so it's temporary but I'll be left without a way to even pay to get there since I won't even be able to pay for transportation.... if I don't turn things around now. I've been trying out offline marketing for a couple of months which has been a roll-a-coaster.

My freelancer I've delegated tasks for a web redesign project disappeared on me while my client waits with $200 to pay me for the finished site- it's almost cruel that the only thing between me and the $200 I desperately need right now is getting that site completed. Unfortunately I need to pay another person for this since I don't quite have the skills necessary to get it done myself. Anyway, it gets worse since but I don't want to focus on the bad things that are/ can happen and just try to have a solution oriented mindset since I feel like I'm climbing an uphill mountain on a treadmill.

Despite all the challenges I can't give up and am determined to do something proactive.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? How'd you overcome it?
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    Hi I am sorry that you are going through that! Hardships birth creativity sometimes. When I have been in situations like this I turn to family and friends, and prayer.

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      Thanks, my immediate family isn't in the position to help me out right now as it seems they're suffering right now also, so I'm on my own to figure this out.

      Which is one reason motivating me to work toward financial security so I can help them when they need it.

      Though one thing that's interesting about this though is it's about mindset; instead of giving into a misery mindset I'm trying to remind myself of maintaining an abundance mindset- money is all around you if you open your eyes and mind to the constant opportunities to make it. The trick is staying calm and focus to see those opportunities. One way that's right in front of me is to sell unwanted or unused items.
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        This is true! Do you meditate, this helps me relax and focus. Also you can meditate on success and more clients, and try not to think about your current situation. Sometimes when you give in and go with the flow amazing things happen! I am not oblivious to hardship, but I swear this helps me.

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    these things happen now ..the proactive thing to do is to list ways around it if it happens again ..or to prevent it from happening again ..

    where is the freelancer located and did you pay them anything ..

    you don't overcome them .. you recognize them as opportunities for you to grow because of them..

    the idea to eventualy grow and improve by choice rather than in response to problems ..
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      Thanks for the support all.

      Originally Posted by Odahh View Post

      where is the freelancer located and did you pay them anything ...
      The freelancer is in NYC also. It's taken them 4 months to get 3/4 of the project done and I paid them $350 to do it.... Thank god my client is extremely patient. Not sure how long that will last and am trying to prevent them from asking for their money back.

      Bri777, Fiverr? I've thought about it but am worried about the quality of the work I'll get back. My client is looking for professional quality. Have you had good experiences dealing with people there? I'm going to be extremely careful of people I delegate tasks to from now on to avoid this. I probably shouldn't be spending any money right now also... I've put out an SOS for the project on Craigslist
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    abundence has nothing to do with money.. we pinch off abundence by making money a factor ..

    an abundence in lack of money.. is a way for other forces to open you to being resoursfull without needing money ..

    to he who has more will be given to he who has not ..more will me taken away ..

    most wealthy and succsessfull people where resoursfull before they had financial abundence ..

    many resourfull people never even need much money but always seem to get what they want ..

    mt constant state of being broke has given me little choice but to figure out how to find bliss ..despite a lifetime of severe depression which is also the result of rapid cycling bi polar disorder and really sever mental abuse my life ..

    the state of broke i have served me because it prevented me from self medicating with drugs ..

    and having to learn to cook and change my diet ..because i have foun that most processed food aggrivates my mood disorders ..

    for a small amount of money i can cook a meal better than what i can buy for 30 bucks in most resteraunts ..

    figure out how having little money has served you ..and the programming you have about money ..

    i use to have the cop out of when i have enough money i will .. and i have recently learned there is a lot i can do without money gives you more options ..

    but if you do not find and use the options you have now .. why will you get more money and the more options ..

    sorry i am difficult to understand ..but i will gladly try fill you in more
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    get someone on fiverr to finish the site. i'm sure you'll find someone.
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    350$ paid.. and the client is only paying 200 ..

    honestly .. get on craigslist and find somone in the philipines who can help you in the future ..well you can choose anywhere but .. the language barrier isn't such a problem ..
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      Originally Posted by Odahh View Post

      350$ paid.. and the client is only paying 200 ..

      honestly .. get on craigslist and find somone in the philipines who can help you in the future ..well you can choose anywhere but .. the language barrier isn't such a problem ..
      He's actually paying $750 total for the site to be completed and paid in milestones.... the last one being paid months ago. He's just waiting for everything to get completed (95% of it is) and then will issue a $200 check. Should have clarified that.

      Trying to keep in mind Chris Gardner, if anyone is familiar with the book the Pursuit of Happyness. Even in his situation he still remained determined, focused and never gave up.
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    I used to remember the days when I was always constantly stuck with a single digit number in my bank account as a freelancer until I was able to land a 9-5.

    Just hang in there and don't give up.
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    Hey Ehanson,
    Sorry that you are going through a rough spot. Just know that you are not alone,and im pretty sure all of us have been through a few rough periods in life. Just know that it will not last forever, and these times come in life to test you to show how strong you are.

    About your website, go on or fiverr like someone suggested and see if you can find someone to finish up whats left.

    Wishing you all the best,
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    I suppose having good friends is really important in this situation.
    Having that mindset you mentioned also makes a lot of difference.

    Not really sure it's an option for you but I think you could try
    -asking for a delay in paying for the rent
    -possibility of an advance where you're interning
    -doing some handy work around your neighbourhood
    -help people walk their dogs
    -give students help with their studies (not for free of course)
    "Everything" you need to SUPERCHARGE your Internet Business.....

    Can You handle this much TRAFFIC?...for FREE?....and generate 2000+ leads day... after day... after day!
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      Hey Ehanson...

      I've been where you are right now, Hang in there and keep your chin up.
      Things are rarely as bad as they seem or good.
      Tough times are inevitable and meant to toughen us up and cause us
      to grow beyond our current personal constraints.
      You will look back on this much tougher, wiser, and more resourceful.
      And, this is yours to keep Forever - Trial by Fire - Best character builder on Earth!
      This world is not for sissies...just spend some time in a nursing home if you
      question that.

      A couple great ways I've used to make quick cash is to use Craigslist and scour the gigs section, and the wanted section for things you can do or sell.
      I also find being broke to be a Great opportunity to sell things I don't need or
      a lot of times even want.
      Look through the sections to get ideas on things you could sell, I always come up with things I never thought of doing that.
      More than just making a few bucks, you may meet people that you can continue to do business with - so keep that in mind.
      You may be able to hook up a ride in there also.

      Next, make a checklist of exactly what needs to be done to finish this website in an acceptable fashion for the client and then immediately start communicating with freelancers with good reputations, whether elance, fiverr, warrior forum...tell them upfront they will not be paid until you are paid - which won't happen until the client is satisfied. Be honest and sincere about why you can't pay them until it's done - without telling them how much you have coming still from the client.
      If it is 95% done I don't see any reason this wouldn't work.
      Most people like to be helpful as long as they won't be taken advantage of, especially if they see someone is really trying.

      Hope this helps
      From Starting Over to Self Reliance
      Break Free of Corporate Hell
      Get the Bank Off Your Back and
      Give Big Brother the Finger!

      Re-Engineer Your Life Now!
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    Something similar but not as extreme. I broke up with my girlfriend of one year and got fired from my job at the same time, I was staying with my parents so I didn't have to worry about paying rent. After a few months I started advertising my writing service on this forum and I have been making more money than I ever did previously.

    If you need FAST money forget about building a website and all that other internet marketing stuff - advertise a service and ask for 100% payment upfront. If you are not particularly good at anything you can outsource a service.

    I would be happy to throw some of my extra writing work your way if you think you can write a decent article. Let me know.
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    I often think that everything happens for a reason and that I will only be given as much as I can handle.
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    Originally Posted by Ehanson View Post

    How do you overcome financial hardships, rough spots, etc... mentally and emotionally?
    Has anyone experienced anything like this? How'd you overcome it?

    This guy has, and, I advice you to take his message to heart. Instill it in your brain, See you at the top

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    PM me I have a great overseas developer that has been with me for 2 years. He manages his own team works 6 days a week and can handle any project I assign to him, most of the time his team is working on 5 or 10 of my websites at the same time and turn around time is always fast and the quality of their work is always good.

    He get most likley get your incomplete project done within 24 hours...Let me know if your interested and I will contact him and send you his info.

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    Pray. It really helps.
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    A lot of people find themselves in your situation but focusing on the lack of money will only make the problem worst. You have to believe that some how some way you can complete this project and then get started on another one.

    Look at the suggestion you are being given here and there may be one that will help sort out your problem for you.
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