Giving up? Not sure what to do? Do it the wright way

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We miss every shot you don't take. We eventually score any goal we keep trying and improving.

Some times, be a child who believes he can fly. The wright brothers never stopped believing and they became the right brothers to promote flight.

If you have an product idea which others find silly. It doesn't mean people will not buy it and you can't profit from it.

I have products that took many long days to create but profit turned out lesser than another which I took an hour to create.

It took me faster to sell a few hundred thousands than to sell a 5 dollar product.

It took less than 15 minutes to clinch a few thousand dollars deal within the first meeting but took many weeks for a lower payout service which did not work out in the end.

My friend, keep on striving for the next breakthrough.

The best is yet to come and you might be very close to success already for the next breakthrough.

Let me know if you need help or an extra boost.
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    Great thoughts Eric. Thank you for this post which is a good reminder. Sometimes when not sure about something or how to proceed, it's ok to just let go and take a break. The Universe has a way of sending messages and signs that helps (if you pay attention) more or less know how to proceed.

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    Lee Trevino, when asked about missing a putt in a tournament, replied. Yes I missed it to the right, but I have made a lot of them.

    Why did Michael Jordan make so many game winning shots? Because he took a lot of game winning shots.

    Someone has to be willing to pull the trigger. Why not let that person be you.

    Just my take
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