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Hi. I'm new to this forum and I really like a lot of the info, so the $37 seems like money well spent. When I signed up though, I hadn't even noticed this self-improvement section. Pretty Cool.

So by way of introducing myself, I thought I'd show you guys the first video I ever did... because it's relevant to this subject of self-improvement. Basically, it's a technique I use to make the time I spend sleeping work for me. I figure a lot of you folks are like I was-- you have trouble sleeping at night, can't get your brain to shut off when you need to sleep, maybe you stay up later than you should, being less productive with those late hours, when you could instead wake up early and get a fresh start on your next day.

So I started experimenting with a few techniques, and I really hit upon something that works. I taught it to a few people and they reported good results. So I figured why not share it here as a way of introducing myself?

I hope it helps some of you.

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    Nice video! This morning I woke up 45 minutes before class on my own. Forgot to set my alarm, but I guess I didn't have to!

    YOU are awesome :)

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    cool video!
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    My sleep time is my most creative time if I have a problem or I'm looking for an idea I just use a few questions to get my subconscious working on the question and hey presto the idea the solution pops into mine head the following morning or maybe a few days later.

    The trick is to trust your subconscious and not lie awake all night worrying

    FREE >>As We Thinketh << as a man thinketh for the 21st century The missing chapters are actually the best

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    Awesome awesome video! I love this kinda stuff and I'm a firm believer! Cool ideas you got here


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      Hey, thanks guys! I put up the video, didn't get much of a response here... a few days later I come back and see some positive responses. Well, believe me, it's appreciated.

      I made that video as a way to come out of my shell. After a long climb out of some very dark stuff in my life, I started putting pieces back together, started facing my weaknesses and started working on them. So as part of a test, I put myself out there on that video, to heck what anybody has to say. It's out there, it's done. It is what it is. And I found that I actually was well-received, just as it has been on this forum. I actually used it to challenge a BUNCH of my insecurities and you can probably guess what I discovered... Yup... I was the only person who cared. What a lonely place it is to be trapped inside your own self, eh?

      Oh.. and don't let the Tarot Card videos scare you off. I don't believe in it in any mystical kind of way (and nowhere in the video did I say that I did). To me, they're just a tool to elicit new ideas; they can force you "by chance" to see old problems from a new perspective. I see them as being half Mad-Lib, and half Fortune Cookie. They're like a Rorschach test for things going on in your own head. Nothing more. Nothing magical. But still quite interesting when taken in the right light and in the proper spirit. Yes, I'm a fan of Ian Rowland, who teaches Applied Cold Reading... how to make people think you can read their mind using simple language patterns and techniques.

      In a nutshell, I'm into mentalism, learning and studying how the human brain works, how people respond to different experiences and information. How we learn and understand things. That may not be so apparent given my mere three posted videos, but I think my overall message will come through for anyone who chooses to follow along. And of course, comments and likes are appreciated.

      Next, when I get a chance, I will probably discuss my philosophy of Tarot, which will discuss how you can use the cards in a natural (non meta-physical, no hocus-pocus way) to access different ways of looking at problems in your life. And from there, I'll probably go back to some more traditional self-help topics. One thing I love talking about and teaching is how to change belief systems. I take it on from kind of a hypnosis/NLP type of perspective, but add my own twists. And I've also been thinking about doing a video that teaches body language secrets... although that may become a paid CB product. And I do believe I have an amazing Smoking Cessation project in the works, although that's a tight market. So who knows...

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    Not a believer in Tarot Cards myself. This is no order in randomness . . .
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      Originally Posted by barefut View Post

      Not a believer in Tarot Cards myself. This is no order in randomness . . .
      But is there randomness?
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        Originally Posted by barefut View Post

        Not a believer in Tarot Cards myself. This is no order in randomness . . .
        It's cool. I'm not a believer either. But the topics are related. Mentalism.

        I've studied hypnosis, NLP, body language, microgestures, etc. To me, it's about studying and understanding how our minds work, both for us and also seemingly against us.

        In the case of Tarot Cards, they aren't anything magical or mystical - I don't believe in any of that nonsense. I see them more as being a Rorschach test for your present beliefs. We all know about the power of positive thinking. With a skilled reader, tarot cards really aren't much other than a way to facilitate new positive thoughts. They don't create the positive thoughts. Those are created within the person seeking the reading. They are merely a catalyst for the new ideas. For example...

        When using the cards, you might turn over a card and say, "This card represents a present situation in your life". The subject (known as a Querent) who is receiving the reading will readily find some meaning to the reader's interpretation of the card. To do this, the skilled reader picks up on cues and gestures to help figure out where the "hits" and "misses" are, and thus steers the reading into directions that the subject finds meaningful. It's just a sort of a mind game at that point... but then it becomes interesting...

        The reader might say, "This next card indicates how you presently perceive the situation". They turn over a card and use the same cold reading techniques to tell the querent what they already know about how they feel about "that" situation. And then the reader will turn over another card and say, "And this is what the future looks like..." And with that card, suddenly the querent starts going on a little directed fantasy-trip, being warned of dangers, or perhaps being reassured about the outcome.

        In some ways, tarot cards are like any other form of directed fantasy, except that the reader, through his or her skills as a reader (basically reading people as much as the cards themselves) ensures that the direction involves actual situations in the querent's life. This means that the querent starts thinking about their situations or problems in new or different ways quite, as you stated, by the random chance of the cards.

        I don't believe in Tarot Cards, but I do use them as an entertaining way to achieve some personal growth through creative thinking. And rarely do I give a reading, or do one for myself, where the querent doesn't walk away with some new insight into their situation or problem. This is just a very natural result from thinking carefully about a situation, and being open to the alternative randomly created viewpoints within the cards and spending a little bit of time imagining the possible future outcomes.

        Tarot cards induce an open mind to those who are willing to try it because it bypasses a TON of logical filters in people by their mysterious nature, the skills of the reader in finding the relevant meaning, and perhaps some suspension of disbelief... no different from being entertained at a movie theatre. And it does create actual, valuable insight... in the same way as hypnosis, dreams, or psychotherapy can. It opens you and presents ideas to try out. Just don't take it to be any more than it is. There is nothing mystical or magical in it. At least, that's my viewpoint on it.

        One last point I wanted to make: About 95% of the people interested in tarot readings are women. And I've been known to take a deck of tarot cards to the bar with me, and to other social gatherings. It's definitely more socially-rewarding for me than standing around talking about sports. And I always start out by saying, "My readings are for entertainment purposes only..." I don't, however, specify who is the one being entertained. And I get free drinks out of it.
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    I am a big believer, I think that this video is interesting and put some things in perspective.
    Best Regards

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    Interesting Idea!
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