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by denZer
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Hi guys!

I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this, but since I know we all focus on self improvement, I'd figure the advice given to me here would be more helpful.

I'm just going through some trouble with my website, Get Motivated!.

I have gained awards and do have engagements, (recently did domain change, please excuse the FB fan page) but I'm just having trouble monetizing it. I can always do sponsorship advertising when my traffic gets bigger, but is coaching/ebooks really just the way?

I feel that the amount of effort I put into this blog, I should be getting somewhat more traffic and money. And I know that you have to do work you love for free, but after 2 years, I really need some help.

Any input is really appreciated.
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    I would do some design tweaks: make sure the columns (main and sidebar) have some borders.
    I'd say keep on writing. I'd focus on 300-400 word articles but more of them.
    When the readership goes up put some affiliate links in the sidebar.

    At some point (in a few years) release your own e-book.

    Good luck.
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    I would place the subscribe form at the top of the side bar and lower the audio meditation widget.

    I would also give your subscribers a reason to join your list: Take about 6 of your best posts and rewrite them as chapters of your small report and give it a catchy title.

    You will need about 300 blog posts in order to make it to pr2

    Stay motivated
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    P.S. I would would not promote any products on your blog at all, unless they are something you created. Focus on the long term by building your list and promoting your affiliate programs from their.

    Your blog should be a front end list building machine instead of a promotion center.
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    Sometimes, relying on eBooks and coaching may not fully work. You have to do some tests for yourself. Try to explore the things that you haven't tried or explored before. If you are having problems on monetizing the site, then try to investigate other websites on how they monetize theirs.
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    try to make videos too and also do some offline events,although we may avoid offline but its still the most quick feedback and reality check.
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      I just want to say that I really appreciate everyone's response. Many of you have suggested some great information which I will do (like writing less).

      I have made a YT channel which had around a 100 subscribers, but it was taken down since I registered the channel with my domain name email (which was

      I guess it is all about testing to see what works, and that's up to me from the looks of it.

      I really appreciate everyone's advice.

      Personal development and motivation

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