Top 5 Life Rules: E.H.P.H.S **Must Read**

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Top rules for life.

  1. Use your ego for love.
  2. Don't be such a hot shot.
  3. Don't take things personally.
  4. Be Humble.
  5. Be Sincere.
You'll win every time without playing any games.
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    Hmmm.. I completely agree with these rules to success.. But, they are difficult to follow.. Thanks ZephyrIon for reminding me about The top rules of life.. Cheers..
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    The difficulty arrives when you have to follow all of the rules mentioned in this post at the same time. Give it a try!
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    And the most important: Be persistent.
    The only one whi is stopping you from achieving your goals is YOU !

    Nat Niszakov

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    nice share i agree on this, Be humble and Be Sincere will do, i hate being with loud and boastful people, they just makes my blood boil.
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    Following rules might get you too controlling of yourself. Just be free and do good.
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    A lot of people really have problems with #3 which is mostly the reason for a fight or heated argument. You can see this in any part of the world. Even politicians nowadays take things personally.
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