Tell me what is your reward for achieving goals?

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Hey I was thinking about a post someone made a week or two back. In it they mentioned when we do things that are bad habits we give ourselves rewards. I googled and came up with "paradoxical rewards". Is anyone here familiar with human behavior, paradoxical rewards, and, if so, what is your best tricks/tips to change behavior from bad rewards to good ones?

P.S. I swear I never realized I rewarded myself for bad behavior. I don't want to be on my death bed with that on my conscious.

P.P.S. I read that we should write things down, and, have someone we can talk to. Well since I have noone, I was wondering if anyone here has a skype group or messenger chat that wants to try some form of accountability partnering. I am open to it. Let me know
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    I don't think the giving Rewards to yourself when you achieve something is a bad habit, it's one of the best way to enjoy more your work and to strive more.
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    First, it's totally great to have goals.
    The reward comes later. Jim Rohn said that achieve the goal not for success but for the person that you are going to be become during your journey.

    I think we should reward ourselves not just for job well done but also for trying and not giving up.

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    I read something lately about not using food as a reward for doing things since we're humans not dogs! Kinda hard to kick that one tho since I love my food and it's more of a social thing than a sneaky drive-through burger in a car wash.

    Won't stop me rewarding myself for jobs well done, never really thought of it as a "not giving up" reward like lordspace said, but I lie that one too!
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    Here's a good article on the subject psychology today.

    I believe we do this A LOT! We reward ourselves with short term relief on the expense of long term goals. This is one of the reasons why we should really love what we do so we are less inclined to need an escape from the work in hand.

    I'm a believer in reminding myself constantly why it is that I love what I do. I visualize the short term and long term rewards that the work will bring me. When I get unbalanced and work too much I start noticing these weird rationalizations in my thought patterns to justify procrastination. That's when I take the time to fix my perspective and remind myself why I love what I do.

    The best way to avoid procrastination is always loving what you do. If that is too hard to do, you need to rethink your direction.
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    The reward to me is the feeling of accomplishment. For some reason I have always loved the chase more then the finish line so knowing I did it is enough for me.
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    For me, the achieving my goals is perhaps the best reward that I could give myself. Or perhaps, I could drink a few bottles of beer and devour a whole box of pizza.
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    As for me, achieving my goal would the priceless reward I would ever had.

    Gives me a personal satisfaction.

    Giving back to the community. Help the poor. Empower their souls.
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    It helps to gift yourself on achieving the goals
    at the sametime, we also should punish ourselves for not completing the task
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      Originally Posted by moinuddin View Post

      It helps to gift yourself on achieving the goals
      at the sametime, we also should punish ourselves for not completing the task
      Not sure I agree with "punishment" however a reward/treat isn't a reward/treat if you don't achieve or at least put in a concerted effort. I try to work from a positive perspective at what did go well rather than focusing time and energy on negativity.

      negativity and "punishment" only make me feel less positive about myself and that, over a period of time, can effect self esteem.

      just my thoughts anyways.
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