Visualizing goals vs Visualizing tasks

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Which is more effective for you to overcome procrastination?

I find that when I visualize my goals and I feel good about it, then nothing happens. I just feel more optimistic about reaching my goals.

After that when I think about doing the task, I still feel this procrastination and resistance.

Then when I visualize myself doing the task and feeling good about it, then I feel like taking action and doing the task.

I thought we were supposed to visualize goals and not tasks?
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    What's the definition of the tasks? Are they part of your goals?

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      I try to see the good in tasks until I enjoy doing them. Takes times for some!

      Happiness/success/inner peace is an attitude and requires constant attention. And since it's said that the journey is the reward...
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      Originally Posted by BugHo View Post

      What's the definition of the tasks? Are they part of your goals?
      Tasks are the things you need to do. Goals are your desired outcome

      Let's say you want to make $5000 next month. Do you visualize the $5000?

      or do you visualize yourself in front of your computer, working on your business, having fun, etc.?
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    Best way to overcome procrastination is to have a deadline for tasks to be completed and evaluate your progress.
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      Focus on the immediate task at hand, not what you will do tomorrow or next week. Just think and visualize the next baby step to take towards your goal and do it. Then, monitor to see if you are going towards your goal. If so, fine, if not, correct the course and take appropriate actin towards your goal.

      Hope this helps.
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    hmmm i think i enjoying visualize that every task i take make me reach my goal

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    I honestly believe most of these theories to be 99% BS aka theory, and what cant be considered laws.

    Just think of the consequences of working vs no working and then decide what to do.
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    I think that you have to associate the goals with the tasks.
    Think that if you don't do the tasks you will never achieve your goals.

    Nat Niszakov

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      Originally Posted by Natniszakov View Post

      I think that you have to associate the goals with the tasks.
      Think that if you don't do the tasks you will never achieve your goals.
      Bingo!! Short and sweet but the whole answer is there!
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    That is a great question.

    What I think it is different with every individual what works. Technique what gives you more positive emotion is better. More Emotion = More influence on your subconsious mind.

    There was a great research where subjects had to throw a ball. One group for real throwed the ball, one group for only in the mind and third group did nothing. Who throwed the ball in their head improved their results 23%.. Crazy, right?

    Read it here, Intresting stuff: Mental Rehearsal & Psychology Aspects of Basketball - Visualization


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  • Kardish10,
    I definitely use tasks to achieve formerly visualized goals. The task is considered just a baby step towards the envisioned goal. As the tasks are accomplished the goal is ever nearer until it is achieved.
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    This is all about results in advance.

    If you procrastinate a lot you probably are having a hard time working on daily tasks.

    I suggest you visualize yourself completing the task and having fun doing them.


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    I've thought about and tested this theory quite a bit myself and have had similar results as you have Kardesh10.

    Here is an experiment that was done on this that I read a while back >>> Pham and Taylor (1999) experiment.

    There isn't much info on the experiment on that page but it does say that the visualizing the process is more effective which is what I have also found from testing the two.

    I find that visualizing the process or goal task and feeling good about it makes me enjoy the task more. It makes me want to work on the tasks in order to achieve the goal at hand.

    However, when visualizing the goal or end result I find that I feel overwhelmed as if I am sending a signal to the brain telling it I must achieve this task. In my opinion, that is one of the main reasons that some people don't take action on their goals.

    It's because they are putting way too much focus on the desired end result and not giving enough focus to the tasks that lead to the end result. That will freeze you in your tracks, because you don't consider which actions to start on.

    Find something small and start on it. Then you will have the momentum to start on bigger and bigger tasks.


    Focus on the process more than you focus on the outcome.

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    If you are procrastinating that means there is something you would rather be doing.

    What is that? Why are you not doing that?

    I never, ever procrastinate about making another royalty free track for my site. I can't wait to get started on the next one. I go through phases:

    Your goals need to precisely lined up with your true excitement.

    Here is what I see. When goals don't line up with passion - people "procrastinate", and then people don't do "tasks", then they don't meet "goals" and then people "fail". That all sounds really dismal and unnecessary to me.

    My only goal is to keep doing what I am already doing, because I love it : ) Do you have something like that?

    So I recommend "Visualizing Your Ideal Day" and live it tomorrow.

    I'd suggest reading Especially the section on excitement:
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