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    Look at your bills and your income. That is a financial way to motivate yourself.
    Consider what it was like working for a boss and ask yourself... do you want to do that again?
    There are lots of ways to motivate yourself and everyone is different.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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      What helps me is that I am doing things that I love to do. Things I've done from childhood, things I still did when I was working in my career, things I'll never stop doing even if I were to lay down my online work today.

      Sure there are days that I feel like relaxing and just lounging around on the deck outside admiring nature arrayed in full glory in the sky and on the earth, enjoying the scents, the sounds, the feel of it all. You know what I do on those days? I do just what I felt like doing, because I can, because I don't have to answer to anyone or be put on a time clock.

      What's even better is that after I've done that, I feel rejuvenated, more creative and have a better flow when I pick up my writing or recording.

      Don't put too much pressure on yourself or be an even harder taskmaster to yourself than what your old boss was. That alone can kill motivation.

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        I literally don't understand the question.

        Being a former Marine I will tell you an old Marine Corps saying to convey my attitude.
        "I'm so motivated I could bust the seams out of a steel plated jock strap".

        The opinion I'm about to give is my real opinion. It's not meant to be harsh or hard, but instead true and hopefully motivating.

        You allow yourself to be weak and therefore you are. You can come up with a million and one reasons why I'm wrong or justifications and excuses but in the end it's you not myself or anyone else.

        And there are tons of other weaklings out there that will tell you "Oh no, don't listen to the bad man saying those things he's a crack pot" "No, stay here with us where it's safe, oh and can I borrow $5 for a sandwich?".

        You know how you really get motivated?

        You Cowboy the F*&% up, quit selling your own excuses cause your the only guy buying and stop tolerating weakness from yourself.

        You'll find lots of people who will jump on my opinion and say I'm harsh etc. Ask them how many of their goals they accomplished yesterday, last week, last month and last year?

        Ask them how many projects they were involved in that surpassed at least (as a minimum) 1 million dollars in total revenues in the last 12 months?

        You don't have to ask them those types of questions but ask them similar type stuff and you'll hear things like.
        "oh, that's not what matters, we shouldn't judge ourselves by that, Oh, well I've got some things in the works".

        You'll hear a whole host of of other excuses the non performers always say.

        Funny thing; you never hear excuses from winners!

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      Originally Posted by laurencewins View Post

      Look at your bills and your income. That is a financial way to motivate yourself.
      Consider what it was like working for a boss and ask yourself... do you want to do that again?
      There are lots of ways to motivate yourself and everyone is different.
      Yup, 10 seconds thinking about money and the things I want to do that require more money gets me moving every time. Like funding the marketing to get to the next level. Staying in the comfort zone ain't gonna get me there.

      Also, having a mastermind group--even if it's only one other person--is very helpful. I have a couple skype friends who literally do more than I do...and I do a lot. That's very motivating.
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    When people work at home, they often neglect their health. Why not wake up, go for a walk, hit the gym. Then get to work, your work will be 10x more productive. Guaranteed.
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    • Hi,

      I'm more in the MissTerraK camp. I tend to stay motivated by not forcing myself into situations that invite major stress. I also take up projects that really interest me, something that I love to do because of how it fascinates.

      I break up my work days with diversionary (non-work related) tasks that need to get done anyway, then it's back to the project at hand. So I kind of oscillate my way through the day. It works well for me and I love the freedom of conducting my life that way.

      I find that kind of lifestyle keeps me motivated to do the work I need to do in a timely fashion.
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    I have no money so that is a huge motivator.

    But, I do have some tips for staying focused. It's something I started doing in my intense ghostwriting days.

    If it weren't for my timer I'd get nothing done.

    I have a big list of things I need to do. I pick five or so of them and put them on my daily list. (I have a small notebook and each day gets a page).

    Then, I write the numbers 1-8 on the page with a big circle around it. I set the timer for an hour and get started. Once I complete each hour, I check it off.

    The ticking sound keeps me focused.

    In addition, I listen to gypsy jazz music which, when done right (thank you Pearl Django and Bireli Lagrene) makes my fingers type fast.

    It also makes me feel like I still live in Europe. The harder I work, the more money I will have to travel back there!

    No matter how hard I work, I don't feel I work hard enough. This is a true statement because I am not where I want to be.
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    stay away from my hobby and stay focus on working. but stop everytime you feel tired even bored. do things that would makes you relax and the working mood back.
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    I would agree with MissTerrak.
    Working at home is really the best for me because you can work anytime you want.
    People in online world become successful because they love and passionate with their work. The more you love your work the more you feel motivated.

    But even though you're working at home and you don't love what you're doing then better quit your job.
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    staying motivated is rarely an issue. But when you’re experiencing setbacks or feeling like you’re in a slump, your personal drive may take a hit.
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      I think just visualizing how you want to be on that day,play it in your head and make it happen.

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  • I think it's extremely important to keep your goals in plain view. They help to keep you centered on your priorities and give you focus.
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