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I truly believe that happiness or depression are completely about perspective and attitude.

Even in the worst of circumstances, we can be happy and appreciate what we went through and learn the bigger lessons - understand what happened and why and appreciate it for making us stronger.

Our negative attitude will make it seem like it's the end of the world.

We can flip our thinking and live lives of utter fulfillment even if we don't have much.
  • Now that is the kind of attitude that allows a person to flip a negative circumstance on its head and make something good come from it.

    I agree with you. Managing to look on the sunny side of life no matter what is a splendid way to travel life's experiences. That way you will always be the beneficiary of the positive circumstances that can be allowed to emerge due to a "good attitude".

    Useful post. Thanks!
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    Happiness is a choice. God provides for that choice. "Attitude determines one's altitude"- they say

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      Don't allow yourself to feel depressed. Every morning tell yourself your excited or where are you on the energy scale? If you feel your a 4, tell yourself your a 7 by moving around like your excited

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    Happiness is a positive emotional state of mind.
    Being happy is just an option, so whether in good or bad situations if you just choose to be happy then you'll be happy.

    Attitude is the most important thing in life and attitude is the fuel of our success.
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