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This is more of a vent than a valid gripe, but today has just been one of those days. I had intended on finishing up three article packs that were all close to done, editing them and placing them on the store, changing the layout of the non-shopping card portion of my site, and setting up my affiliate program.

I am still working on one of those things, after a few hours of working on it. Usually the first installation of something is the hardest part for me, though it is simple once I learn how to do it. In retrospect I should have paid the money to have the developer install it for me :p

Fortunately, this one task should end up being the most profitable of the list once it is up and running. It covers a weakness that I am unable to really work from in the short term, while really being the best option long term as well. Of course now I have to work on finding affiliates, though I have a few people to start with already.

Anyone else have days like this?
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    Some days are difficult. Many things bother you and you cannot finish anything.

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    Definitely do have those sorts of days.

    If I feel like things are getting off track, I will often employ the use of a pomodoro timer to try to help me get some momentum going, and get a few things achieved without getting side tracked. Sometimes is unavoidable, but it's good to try to prevent it at least...

    Martin Platt

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    That's one of the realities of being self-employed. Without a boss over our shoulder, it can be quite easy to get distracted on something. And this is multiplied by being on the internet.

    We all face this challenge. You just got to find certain tricks to keep you focused and motivated. Different things work for different people.

    One thing that I do is temporarily disconnect myself from the internet when I need to create original content (which is a never ending process for me - I have so many books and products in my head). This removes the temptation to check on other things (which is a sure recipe for not getting anything done).

    Much Success,

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      The net can be a big distraction, but today it had to be on. There wasn't anything drawing me to wasting time, just installing the software and getting the base setup for my affiliate program ate my time. Luckily it is a task that only needs to happen once.

      I think I made a good trade off, really. Short term productivity (no new product) vs long term profitability (ability to have affiliates do the work of marketing my products.)

      My biggest issue is overestimating what I can get done in a day, or in today's case not knowing what a job entailed so expected it to be rather simple... and it turned out not to be as easy as I thought it would be.
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    Good points JoeMack. I personally still write rough draft reports for my freebie offers out with pencil and paper.
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      Originally Posted by martimoney View Post

      Good points JoeMack. I personally still write rough draft reports for my freebie offers out with pencil and paper.
      Most of my PLR articles are done the same way. I have little snippets of time at my day job that I use to plan what to write later on. Saves me a lot of time later.
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      Originally Posted by martimoney View Post

      Good points JoeMack. I personally still write rough draft reports for my freebie offers out with pencil and paper.
      So do I. Well, I don't use pencil. I prefer a black ink ballpoint pen and a composition notebook. I have dozens of composition notebooks that cover the last several years in income generation. So many ideas. I have probably acted on 10% of them. Fascinating to go through them. Some ideas are timeless. Other ideas get almost immediately outdated and obsolete.

      The winds of change blow strong on the internet.

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    Yes, there will always be those days, when you are not in the mood for anything.
    Take advantage of those days as well: get out for a walk, read a book, watch a movie or whatever you need to do in order to relax, then get back right into it super motivated and ready to give your 110%
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    The hardest part of today for me was technical junk: WP code, iMovie, learning the ins and outs of a new plugin...

    I always find it important to take little breaks throughout the day, especially when something tech is p**sing me off, or if it feels like climbing a mountain that day.
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    Sometimes our personal issues are so overwhelming it's affecting our work. This happened to me already(a lot). What I usually do is to listen to music, read a book, talk to a friend or watch a funny movie. then Ill feel better and can concentrate on my work again.
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    • Doug,

      You sure have gone through it. But I also notice no sign of giving in and quitting. No. Not you that's why your post was so good.

      Even though thighs were going lousy and you had so many ends to tie up you just kept on keepin on. What a good motivational post. Thanks!

      Some time we all need to be reminded how important it is to keep getting things done especially when it's confusing or otherwise difficult the way Doug did. Bravo!

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    I guess we all have it at times. It can be really frustrating during that time.
    That phase will pass by. Maybe you can go away (a walk or do something else) and then come back to it?
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    Yes it happens to me..

    Take a break, go for a walk, play some video games.

    The key is to change your focus..


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      I agree with many comments in this thread...

      There definitely is the issue of being self-employed... not having a boss checking out your work every other moment can make you slack too much.

      The techy stuff is what still keeps pushing me back a lot - I've got days I'm fully pumped up to get on with the work and get things done. Other days I just feel like drop-kicking the laptop out of the window. Doing this sort of work requires a will-power equivalent to a zen-master sometimes...

      My personal "favorite" is when you think you've done things well and suddenly the realization of the error pops up and surprise - everything has to be done again. Usually I will just take a break, think of something else, watch some stand-up comedy or do anything that has to do with sense of humor. I can tell you right away, at this very moment, I've realized that I uploaded wrong folders and have been working with them for the last two hours. The reason I'm commenting around the forum is to relax a bit before correcting the mistake. :rolleyes:

      I guess that is part of the nature of this line of work and we will just have to accept it. However, I personally believe it's better to be able to decide when you want to work and when you'll take a break.
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        I got the primary job done. That was to install the Jrox affiliate program into my site. I had a few issues in that I have both dlguard and wordpress on the site, and for whatever reason files were remaining hidden when I was trying to fix things.

        I then had to go back through and secure the site, specifically the download folders, since they seemingly lost the protection in the process.

        I'm at the point of just finishing up and testing, and then contacting affiliates.

        Today I'm going to focus on finishing up the products, however, and give the whole affiliate program thing a go when I have a larger block of time. It is up and ready now, so I can't use the excuse of not having it installed anymore.
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    I usually have days like these when there are things that needs to be done but eventually came to close like just almost done.

    I try to go outside my house and have some time with my family instead of not doing anything. After that I rest for an hour, then I go back to work.
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    I experienced those hard days. Most of the time I really feel bothered and tend to procrastinate that's why things/tasks are not done. I really need to manage myself with this stuff. Sometimes we need to set aside our emotions over our work.
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