Play to Win guys, don't Play to Lose

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I was just speaking to a student about taking action and I emphasized that action takers make money...but not just all action takers. It's only those people who take MEANINGFUL action who succeed.

Taking action for the sake of taking action is just "keeping busy" and that alone is almost as ineffective as not taking action at all.

It reminded of this quote...

"There's a big difference in playing to win and playing to lose"

If you're playing to win, you're going to formulate a strategy and then take a massive amount of action and make a massive amount of mistakes putting that strategy into play. The strategy will change, you will chance, but you'll be taking meaningful action to achieve the end goal of the strategy. You'll be inching and inching yourself closer to your goal and eventually if you work hard enough, momentum will take over, sweep you up, and make your entrepreneurial desire a reality.

On the contrary, playing to lose is just like taking action just to say you're taking action. It's just staying busy.

Play to Win guys, don't Play to Lose

Take meaningful action.

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