How to stay positively motivated?

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If anyone knows me, they know it's hard for me to stay positively motivated about ... life, making money etc, but I know just how important it is, since success is in the mindset.

What are some tips you guys have for staying positively motivated?

I'll start with a few:

Let's start by defining Motivation. According to Wikipedia it is the activation of goal-oriented behavior. In other words, it is the REASON which gives direction to an action. Motivation is generally categorized as intrinsic or extrinsic.
That said some tips I found that I thought were interesting are below.

• Know the good reasons why you're doing what you're doing;
• Try to enjoy doing what you're doing and have fun;
• Use visualization techniques to help you see the end result, to stay positive;
• Find inspiration by reading motivational quotes;
• Find monotonous tasks boring? Try different ways of approaching it;
• Break goals into tasks, so you can keep track of your progress;
• Remember that you can't function at an optimal level, all the time (it's normal);
• Learn to take a break, especially if you've been working on a task too long;
• Reward yourself for accomplishing tasks that help you reach your goals;
• Make it a DAILY habit to be thankful and stay positive.

What do you guys think of these for starts, anything else to add?
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  • Thanks for the post. I stay motivated by breaking my goals into very simple tasks. That way, when I am working, I am really just working.
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    Thanks for the share! Here are some that I do to stay motivated and stay on my path to achieving my goals.

    Watch motivational youtube videos.
    Listen to audible books when I run and while in the car.
    ...and I don't know if this is a blessing or evil in disguise but I find myself repeating the same quotes over and over in my head.
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    Thanks for the share m8.

    Break goals into tasks, so you can keep track of your progress;
    Sounds nice, will most def try this one, since i never keep track of my progress.
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    I recommend that you figure out what kinds of tasks take away your motivation and why.

    Then figure out what tasks you are motivated by and what is it about them that motivates you.

    Then you can do one of 3 things
    Get someone else to do what you don't like to do, so you can focus on what you do like to do.

    Or change the way you do the task you don't like, so that it more closely relates to the task you do like. eg. if you like certain tasks because they require creativity. Then figure out a way to bring more creativity into the tasks that you struggle to do.

    Third option is to change the way view the task. Maybe the task is boring because you have convinced yourself that it is a boring. Think of the things you love to do and why and then immediately think of the stuff you hate to do while holdinging onto the positive attitude and internal language. Do this until your passion for one task washes into the other less desireable task.

    Of course you could try a combinmation of the 3.


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    You have to have some type of goals in life to stay positive. You have to go after something you like and want! But those are great starting points.

    - Daniel
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    I simply give thanks to everything I have and I usually start my day with a smile in the face.
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    Find monotonous tasks boring? Try different ways of approaching it;

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Maybe a little bit off but I wake up, thank my higher power for everything that I do have and also pray for others that don't. I try to stay organized by using sticky notes and having a list. Anything from the list that doesn't get done for the day that is important gets passed down to the next day. I try to stand up while i am typing or at the desk as sitting is not good. Try to meditate as I know the mind and body are powerful.

    - Richard
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    Get clear on your reason WHY.

    You've probably heard this many times before but you really have to get clear on this.

    Once you get clear and know your reason then when you think about your why that will be your motivation.

    Your reason WHY will push you, pull you and drive you toward your goal.

    Just start with why.
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    Around 10 pm I used to get extremely excited about falling asleep as I knew I was about to depart on an epic adventure in dream world. Not so much in the success area just all out crazy dreams. It would be to the point where I could feel the reminiscent feelings and emotions of my dreams when I awoke.

    Fast forward to now and I dont dream at all. Maybe once or twice a week. This makes me sad to some extent as my life in my dreams was far more exciting than my real life ( isnt that the truth ). However, now I have developed intense visualizations that occur on a daily basis. They are more pronounced when I listen to things like " uplifting trance " or " best vocal trance " on youtube or my ipod.

    I now get the same powerful effect of overwhelming emotions that uplift me and keep me on the path to a greater life.

    Visualization is a powerful thing, especially when you really dial in and feel what emotions they entice.

    Do what ever you can to get that right side of your brain firing, reading, writing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing etc. Then combine that with the logic and action taking of the left side and make sure to stay open to the new opportunities that will start coming your way!

    Uniqueness is an amazing thing, being creative is a great way of getting recognized!

    Good luck

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    for every positive motivation should be aware of something that is negative if you don't take the action

    the best positive motivators are a good tracking system where you can track your progress day to day week to week ..what ever metric that show progress don't sit there for one to eight ours watching bread dough rise .. depepending on the bread .. you mix it up kneed it out .. then put it in the bowl cover it and come back some time later

    when cooking meat you cook it so lone then take it out and use a thermometer to check if the temp inside was high enough .and the smell of really good foos while it is cooking..and the taste of eating something you made motivating
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    I like to use logic sometimes to stay motivated. I have moments of frustration, but then I think about how other people have succeeded taking the same action steps that I logically, if I follow through and stay persistent, there's no reason why I can't be successful too.

    Also, it's good to think about your past successes, no matter how small. The thinking goes like this - "I made one sale, so I can make another.....I made 10 sales, so why can't I make 100?".
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    I met great people few years ago, who were millionaires by doing affiliate marketing. I was very surprised, when these rich people helped me with my campaigns and everything and they didn't want anything in exchange. So with their priceless advices, they helped me to become one of them. This made me think of the world as a better place, where people share their success and give others a chance to become successful.
    Nowadays, when I achieved my previous goals, what keeps me motivated and excited is helping others to succeed in that business and when I see them doing it, I feel very proud and happy!
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    Thanks svetod, sounds like you found your motivation to stay motivated quite well .

    -= Currently looking for craigslist & facebook experts =-

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      I do a very simple thing: I have a continuously growing list of motivational audio, which I keep playing on a loop throughout the day. I don't believe this is a permanent situation, as I believe that at some point, hard work will come to me as second nature. It will be odd not to constantly work. I am already seeing changes.

      On tedious tasks, I have taken a new approach: instead of looking at whether I do or do not like the task, I think about whether I am doing what I need to do at that moment to reach my goal.

      A last word: as a frustrated chronic procrastinator, I now believe that working at beating procrastination is like working on anything else. Keep thinking about beating procrastination, keep trying, and never give up. At some point, procrastination will be overcome. I am not yet at the level I want to be. But I look at myself where I was even just a year ago, and now I am conducting academic research because I want to, whereas just last year I couldn't even be bothered to submit work for my degree at a point.
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  • The only way to stay motivated as you aspire to reach your goals is through a systematic way to refuel you tank when you feel like you might be running out of gas. Just take time to recharge...
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