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Today if you found out that tomorrow was your last. I am reading through the success threads and dreams etc, and the comments are very valid, however, what would you do differently;
* What would your to do lists look like?
* Would the procrastinators, procrastinate?

Your comments please?
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    If I knew tomorrow would be my last day. I would personally write a letter to all my loved ones. I would be sure to let them know the moments that they made my life better. Like the time I ate chocolate cake with my mother in law over a very emotional chat, or the time I sat with my papa and talked about goals and dreams in life. Then I would make a video blog for my kids on things that you ONLY learn through DIRECT personal learning lessons. Like letting go, ego, spiritual enlightenment and living in the moment.
    Then I would hold my kids till the sun came up.

    A Work In Progress

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      If today were my last, it would be pretty much like any day... except I'd spend all day in meditation and prayer--and write notes of appreciation, gratitude, and encouragement to my friends and family.

      Death is but a doorway... and where it leads is determined by your level of consciousness. Embrace love, joy, and peace in this world... and that is exactly what you'll find in the next.
      Joshua Aaron Stanley, The 'Spiritual' Copywriter:
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        Originally Posted by honestbizpro View Post

        You have "Used Car Salesman" in your sig....don't give me flashbacks! I used to be one!
        Don't take offense... I know there are honest and genuine car salesmen.

        But the common perception is they're "pushy", "slick", "manipulative", etc. And as a copywriter, it's my job to "enter the conversation" already going on in my prospect's head--not change it.

        Fact is, most people (including genuine, honest entrepreneurs) equate hyped-up sales letters with the archetypal slick, pushy sales person. And the "used car salesman" is the ultimate archetype and stereotype.

        I'm simply tapping into this negative cultural perception to position myself as something OTHER... and therefore BETTER. Something any good marketer should do!
        Joshua Aaron Stanley, The 'Spiritual' Copywriter:
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          If I know tomorrow is my last day... I will try to sleep whole day...
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    Just let go and flow. Forgive myself for my monumental foolishness in so many things done & left undone ... said and left unsaid ... smile to my heart & the totality of my being. Meditate ... embrace the Great Empty Silence that whispers soundlessly to us from our first in breath to our last out breath and beyond. Then connect with my dreaming as I step into the infininty of the Great Void.

    "Excellence is not an event it's a habit" - Aristotle 384 BC
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    I'd set my alarm an hour earlier than normal.
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    i would let go
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    • If tomorrow comes, and, unfortunately, becomes my last here's what my sched will look like:
      • Wake up earlier
      • Give all the info (username and password) to all my accounts to my 'rents
      • Forgive myself for not saving enough to leave my folks some serious cash
      • Inform my life insurance provider about a claim the day after the next
      • Get to my computer. Send a message to all my clients, and apologize if I can't meet their deadlines.
      • And, lastly, turn the computer off earlier than the usual.

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