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This time, I haven't been here long. A fifth of a century, 20 odd years in the
billions that have transpired. I have been here long enough to recognize
the flaws and perfections of this life. So I will take a moment of my time
to share my thoughts with you.

At this present moment in time, our race has evolved to be the most self
centred, self entitled race documented to walk this planet. Our lives are
lived as follows.

Birth: The moment the soul truly bonds with the host, the moment we have
a medium to interact on a physical level with other spiritual entities. We are

First years: We form our human characters. External elements have a major
influence on our development. We learn what we are capable of. We get to
know our self better, etc.

Then: We get sent off into the world. To be indoctrinated and mass hypnotized
by the so called education systems. We learn the world isn't limitless as it used
to seem. More and more obstacles and boundaries arise. We are exposed to stereotyping,
prejudice, etc. We learn about status, the social, physical, economical, political, educational
and religious hierarchies. We learn that we have to conform to be accepted and survive.
In this transformation we lose a great amount of our character, uniqueness and power.
We end up being less of a spiritual entity and more like a statistic. We lose or repress the
traits that define us. Believe it or not, there are societies that strive on suppressing us and
monitoring our every action. The more they can get us to conform the easier we are to control.
They gather statistics on our lifestyles and then calculate probabilities of our future actions.
These statistics and probabilities are used in media to embed messages in our subconscious, marketing,
political elections, etcetera. Yet this is probably a topic for another day.

Adulthood: We learn that it is acceptable to spend 50-70% of our waking lives
working for someone else's gain and about another 5% stressing about work.
At this point our aspirations tend to fade and we become like mindless sheep
herded by the system that was implemented to protect us and have out needs
at heart. A rather "heartless" system this has turned out to be. I care not to
elaborate further on this particular topic as it is depressing. To continue, we
learn that it is okay to walk over others to attain a certain goal. We become so
self involved and fixated on self preservation we no longer care about our
starving brother or sister. We would take their last loaf of bread if it would
secure us a decent nest egg. Oh, yeah, less than 10% of the global population
will gather enough money to sustain themselves after retirement. So they will
have to fall back onto the system to support them. And we all know that the
system has a problem of delivering on its promises. Then to add to this. There
is also a major part of the population that cannot save, indulge themselves in
luxuries they cannot afford, credit cards. (Also a way of the system enslaving us.)
Anyhow we are now nearly at a stage of being mindless, emotionless, homicidal robots.
We are desensitized from our spiritual nature. We do attain a lot of our
goals, but not the initial or major goals. We end up having many regrets.

Retirement: As mentioned above, we will have our regrets. At this age we will
spend most of our time reminiscing and thinking about the lives we have lived.
We will realize that we were enslaved for the 'good' parts of our lives. We review previous mistakes.
Yet by this part of our lives we will be too desensitized and fragile to change anything on a large scale.
We will also have many habits and thought patterns that will make positive change excessively painful.

Conclusion: There are so many negative forces in our lives, we can at least look forward to death.
I'm just kidding.

We are extremely complicated creatures. We need to learn to embrace many of
the things we held dear as children. We need to see the bigger picture, all the
gears and mechanisms behind the curtain. We should live and love like each day
is our last. We should seek enlightenment, be it physical, mental, spiritual, etc.
We need to get in touch with ourselves, take time to get to know ourselves and inner workings.
We need to acknowledge that change can only come from within, only
then can we change exterior elements. We need to realize that we are the only
true creators of our destinies. We control our actions, our lives. Nobody else. We
are not defined by the system, we refuse to be statistics and to be controlled.
Do not believe everything you hear or see, do the appropriate research. Every action
has a reaction. (The law of cause and effect.) Think before you do, not only of yourself but
of those you may impact by your decision. A small change can have a huge impact.
Try to give as much as you take. Live abundant. Realize there are no limits, you are not restricted.
Not even by your current circumstances. All it takes is a switch in your mindset.
Be the change you want to see in the world. Life is fluent, ever changing.
So adapt, but retain your individuality. Follow your intuition and conscience. In short,
Be all you can be!!!
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    There are so many negative forces in our lives, we can at least look forward to death.
    Don't make me scare man
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    i know everyone missed it but the world as we know it did end in december of 2012 .

    so just what work the same way for you as they did this time last year or two years ago .

    the system we had and we still think we have was designed with the expectation we would destroy ourselves in a great war .. that would have been done with by last year .

    now list the things you can do today that would have never been possible in the old system .. every day there are more and more tools available that allow one person to do tasks it once took huge numbers of people and resources to do ..

    communism and capitalism are broken ..and in a way they have merged as capitalists are more and more putting the tools of production into peoples hands ..and the workers are now able to keep most if not all of what they produce .

    in the time it take a writer to get rejected by 200 publishers and give up ..another writer has self published 3 or 4 or more books and is in a position to get a real good book deal .
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