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Mondays SUCK but only if you think they Suck.

I bet every Sunday for a very long time you have said "I hate Mondays" and guess what youre gonna hate Mondays. The words we think and say are like programme codes for a computer. Whatever you programme the computer to do is how it will function and we are just the same.


If you tell yourself you hate Mondays you are going to hate Mondays. You will wake up dreading the day. You wont feel positive and energised, you wont be has happy and friendly as you could be. You will probably drink more coffee to put a spring in your step, you will no doubt spend much of the day complaining about the fact that it's Monday and the weekend was over far too quickly (even though you probably did nothing at the weekend), you will resent being at work and all of this makes you feel lousy, not to mention that it makes the person you are complaining to feel worse about their Monday than they already did. In reality Monday is no different to Tuesday except for how you think of it.

Flip the Script. Find a way to enjoy Mondays, Start telling yourself that Mondays are great because.................. (fill in the blanks). I know some of you are protesting already saying "I cant think of anything". But for many people, especially those that hate Mondays with a passion it's not the day itself it's the fact you have gone back to work, right. So here's what you do. Whether you like your job or not and whether you think you earn enough money or not, keep a list of all the ways in which working benefits your life. For e.g. You probably have some friends at work that you would miss if you didn't see them. It gets you out of the house, sometimes a change in environment is great. Working boosts your self-esteem. You get PAID. This means you can feed yourself and your family (if you have one), you can pay the rent. You run a car. You save a little bit every month for a Holiday etc.

Think about all of the things that working pays for, and think how much harder your life would be without a pay cheque. Now When you feel those Monday blues you can say "I am grateful for Mondays because (fill in the blanks) and pretty soon your whole outlook will change and Mondays will become the new Fridays. Ok maybe not, but you wont hate them as much I promise.
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    If you hate Mondays, you hate one-seventh of your life and that is no way to lead a rich, positive life so change your stinkin' thinkin' if you hate Mondays!

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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    I don't hate tomorrow's Monday because I have the day off work!

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    TGI Monday!

    Monday, like all the other days of he week, has done nothing more than give me the opportunity to mentally do the things I didn't get to to over the last 7 days.

    Thank God Its Monday!
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    Not at all! It's a new week of work, and a new chance to make even more money than the previous week. It certainly isn't the best day of the week and it can be a bit gloomy at times, however I try to look at it positively and always try and better my income from the week before.
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    I enjoy all my days. I love what I do. I'm passionate about what I do. I get to do it whenever I want. I love Mondays... Hump Days, Fridays, Weekends and all the days in between.
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    Mondays are my favorite day of the week. It means time for some action. It's Sundays I don't like!
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      A Monday is needed for everything else to follow
      It doesn't really exist...
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    I think of all the people who are waking up complaining about Monday and the leg up I'm getting on them

    Gets me enthused.

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    I like Mondays actually! Monday is usually the strongest day in my markets and I get up to 100 leads on Mondays, so I can't complain at all
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    During my days of high school, I used to think about this often. But now I am older and earning money, I have rid of that attitude so that I can be more progressive and fruitful in my life. Been through a lot and can't let my days waste away.
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      I don't know about you but I simply LOVE Monday. This is the day I start again with my Online business. Weekends is made for rest and enjoy with family or friends and weekdays for work.
      Truly if I don't work I will feel boring do nothing all day...
      Monday give me one fresh taste, taste of money for the beginning of the week day...
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        In my old sales career I got to the point where I dreaded Sunday night because that meant Monday was right around the corner and so was going back to work. I actually used that to my advantage when I set a goal to be a full time Internet marketer.

        One of my goals was to always take Monday off when I worked for myself. When that became a reality I found I enjoyed Sunday nights again and could use Monday for going to a movie, eating out, going shopping and so on.

        I like being out doing things when everyone else is at work.
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    During my earlier days, weekends was always not enough especially on Sundays. Whenever I look at the date, seeing Monday makes me down.

    Nowadays I am more positive and looking forward for each day a great day. Mondays can't keep me down now.
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    Monday is just another day for me! It tends to be just as productive as the rest!
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    Actually, I love Monday's because that's when all the action starts happening again!

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    I used to hate Mondays with a vengeance when I had a J.O.B, but since I've been working for myself, Monday's are just another day and a pretty good one too to plan the week ahead and get in touch with people. Just my two cents
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    I literally forget what day it is. they are all the same to me except sometime weekends my sites earn more money so when I see earnings spike every now and then I think "oh...it's saturday" hahah
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      You might not love every day of the week, but you MUST experience and live every second of your life.

      Every second that passes is gone forever .. you cannot get it back .. so I enjoy the good and the bad.

      Strange how the bad seem to dissappear in between the good

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    Not gona lie, don't mind working, do not like being told what to do from people who don't know what THEY are talking about.
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      Ever since i started working 7 days a week i relized the i hate mondays feeling comes from a lack of consistency in stimulants, whether it be caffeine or wheat grass shots or nootrpics. and perhaps for some, the after party feeling...i realized its much easier to work 18 hour days than to party all night long, so now i choose to work more, and go out less...really not at all lol
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    I do not hate Mondays. However, I hate it when I have something unpleasant that I feel like I have to do. I hate that any day that it happens.
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    Hate or love it, doesn't matter. What matters is what you do on Mondays. The beginning of the week is always a great way to start moving your butt from where you are now to where you want to be by the weekend.

    Joseph M. Dabon
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  • Hating Mondays, Thank God it's Fridays, Wednesday hump days, etc, only apply to people who are employed and have a job that they don't necessarily enjoy. For the self employed folks, our week usually does not have a beginning, or an end, nor a specific day to hate, to thank God, or to hump.
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    MONDAY is not MONster DAY for me
    We must change mindset for MONDAY.
    Monday is the day where we have to start the activity again, with positive thoughts so that positive results are also

    Wory Kharisma
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    Am always late on Mondays,because I give the day a slow start. BUT even when I give it a slow start I so much enjoy Mondays because there are numerous expectations.

    A bad Monday is a bad week altogether.
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    If you hate Mondays, you hate one-seventh of your life and that is no way to lead a rich, positive life so change your stinkin' thinkin' if you hate Mondays!
    well said lawrencewins, while we may hate the mondays, others will be planing and making good money on mondays.
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    I dunno, every day is Saturday to me now.
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  • Every day is new to us and a part of our lives. So I love all the days of my life. In short I love Monday.
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    I'm self employed, I don't even know what day it is most of the time. So no, I don't hate Monday's.
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    Simply yes… I make sure I don’t race against ‘DAYS’ and go breathless and panting to find Sundays ( which seems to an ordeal of the most grievous kind). I want enjoy every second, and I'm going to make sure of it while I'm enjoying. Hating Mondays means enlisting 4 Mondays a month and 52 Mondays a year in your lamentable catalogue, which is a complete tyranny against you
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    lol i looove mondays because my j.o.b. days are thursday to sunday. so monday i finally got a full day to continue my IM stuff. so in that case no i love mondays now! but i hate thursdays and weds made me sad lol
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    I don't love Mondays but I don't hate it as well. For me it's like an adjustment from to working and being productive the whole week.
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    This is so very true, so many people hate Mondays because they don't see the value in going to work or whatever, IMO, if you don't like your job, get a new one, no one should have to endure something they don't like for years on end, but if there is no other option, find a way to enjoy it and make the most of it! learn skills there which you can transfer to your own business and soon enough you'll be able to quit and be self employed!
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    I am full time Internet Marketer so every day is Sunday for me.
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      I only hate Mondays when it's raining. But then again, I hate Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays when it's raining too.

      Come to think of it, I don't hate Mondays at all, I just hate Raindays. :p

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    I don't hate Mondays... Everyday is the same to me Besides the weekend ofcourse because that's when the 'average working person' is free
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    Every day is the same for me pretty much. Work for a little bit then do whatever I want for the rest of the day.
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    Everyday is a good day that I wake up and I am this side of the green grass.
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    As an online entrepreneur, for many of us, Mondays are like any other day. When you hate your job, that's when Mondays suck.

    But you have the ability to change your reality

    So if that's you, change it

    So ultimately nobody should ever hate their job...or Mondays
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    Mondays are not really my favorite day of the week. I just think that they are the start of the week and that sometimes move rather slow. But they are often a day for me that is rather hectic, trying to get everything squeezed in that I did not get to over the weekend.
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    Mondays are just like any other day for me. I don't hate it at all. I even think I'm more energetic to work during these days. I personally don't like Sunday nights. I feel the environment is too dull. Maybe it's because my family hates Mondays so much they become really boring during Sunday nights.

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    • Profile picture of the author Daniel Evans
      Mondays are awesome.

      After the weekends recharge, I can do what would usually take days within mere hours.
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