The Press For Prosperity

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I decided to write this because in this internet marketing age there is so many overnight success dreams being sold. I believe we have to remeber there is much hard work that has to be done and some obstacle that we must overcome. We have to be prepared to do what it takes to press beyond obstacles and have true success in this business.


Prosperity is believed to be one of the greatest accomplishments, but there is a misconception of the word. Prosperity is not only a money focused objective. Prosperity covers a multitude of things, such as health, family, money, mind, and soul.

Our human nature has a hunger for prosperity, however prosperity in any area of your life will face some obstacles. Since you face these obstacles you have to motivate and uplift yourself daily. The press begins when you mentally have conflicts about wether or not you will have total prosperity in your life.

Remember that without an opposition, there is no victory. Here is a list of things to do in the press:

1.Stay away from negative people!
2.Shut up and speak only what you want the outcome to be.
3.Talk to Yourself. (Sounds crazy, but I'll explain later.)
4.Don't look at whats going on around you. Stay Focused.
5.Step it up. Work harder.

When you do the things listed above it allows you to subconciously see beyond your situations current state, fear, and doubt. Talking to your self may sound crazy but I believe that whatever you say out of your mouth will become a reality in your life. So in essence, if you have some sort of opposition, then you have to constantly tell yourself that you have overcome all things that are contrary to your success. There are times you have to go look in the mirror and say to yourself ,"I will succeed and have prosperity, nothing and no one will have me lose focus of that". Once you do this, watch the results. This is a method I still use just to motivate myself.

This is all part of the press for prosperity. Understand that gaining complete prosperity isn't a walk in the park. It's an everyday discipline you must have to achieve this. In closing, stay in complete focus of prosperity without being distracted by obstacles that must come for your good and press like you never have before.
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    That description seems like hard work but it's only difficult if we are paddling against the stream. Learning to go with the (inner) flow is a much easier way to live.

    There is a little effort in learning how to deliberately create the sort of life we wish to experience - that requires developing some new habits, in particular how to focus and pay attention to thoughts that help us move forward to what we want. Too often we become fixated on thoughts that keep us anchored in the past and unable to move forward.

    For instance, when people treat us badly and we continue to feel angry and aggrieved - maybe even bitter or vengeful - we prevent ourselves from moving towards the happier, more delightful experiences ahead. Our own grudges and ill-feelings are like millstones that "good reasons" urge us to carry with us, lest they be forgotten.

    When our thoughts justify our poor treatment of others - who, we are sure, are undoubtedly deserving of such treatment - we create for ourselves the same unhappy situations we have already experienced.

    When we take control of our lives by deciding to live in a happier, peaceful, and harmonious world - and pay attention to thoughts consistent with happiness, peace, and harmony rather than those that diminish others - the feelings which flow will fill us with appreciation and enthusiasm. Then it doesn't seem like a lot of work.

    Of course, the same principles apply when we wish to live a more prosperous lifestyle.

    When the road ahead looks difficult, perhaps we should pause and consider whether we've taken the right path - whether our feelings are consistent with where we want to be - because when we are on the correct one the feelings of power and passion move us irresistibly towards the things that we want. Naturally, action helps but the real impetus comes from our feelings, and they carry us forward like a current. Action is so much more effective when we go with this flow.

    Life was meant to be easy - and fruitful.

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