This Daily Declaration will change your life.

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My name is____________ I am a STRONG and powerful (man/woman) I am capable of anything that I set my mind to because I have complete FAITH in myself and my abilities. I am strong enough to face all of life's hurdles because I know they are sent to make me a stronger better person. I believe that every situation is an opportunity to learn something new about myself and to grow into my full potential. Sometimes life can be tough but I know that I AM TOUGHER. I know that my purpose in life is________________ and every day I do something to achieve my goals because I am a unique and special person who is deserving of every good thing the universe has to offer and in return I offer myself to be of service to others. I am GRATEFUL for all that I have, for everything that has ever happened to me and for all that the future will bring because I know that I am supposed to be where I am right now at this very moment because it is preparing me for where I need to go and what I need to do. Every day is an opportunity to LIVE LOVE and LAUGH and to revel in the beauty of the world around me. I am connected to myself in the deepest of ways and I love and appreciate myself 100%. I am committed to making myself and my life better so that I can help others to do the same. I know that LOVE is all around me and I live with a PURE HEART and good intentions. I breathe POSITIVITY and HOPE and I know that I can change the world around me by changing the world inside of me. I live to be inspired and to inspire others and I know that my words and actions have power and I am RESPONSIBLE for everything that happens in my life. I am strong and confident and I know that my power comes from my belief in myself. I make a Daily Choice to do what is right for my BODY, for my MIND and for my SPIRIT and because I have the power of choice I am able to create the life I want for myself with every action and every thought. I start my day with a still mind, a kind heart and a positive attitude and I believe that I am a good and valuable person who has much to offer so today I will be the BEST that I can be and do the BEST that I can do. I love myself for my achievements and I forgive myself for any mistakes because they will teach me how to succeed in the future. I refuse to allow negativity into my life and I will remain STRONG and POSITIVE through the good times and the bad. I am a CONFIDENCE WARRIOR and I am determined to live up to my limitless potential. I LOVE, HONOUR and CHERISH myself and those that I love and I am committed to making today and every day AMAZING.
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    Time being short as it is, I will capsulize parts of this mantra and put them on post it notes around my office and recite one per morning and for afternoon. Then I will have something new daily to say positive to myself to encourage me for the day. Thank you for the good advice here.
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      Thank you for sharing this mantra!
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    Thanks for the Positive Motivation!
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      Excellent! I completely subscribe to it. I will use it every day for the next 30 days.

      best of luck, Tim
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    thanks for sharing!
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  • You may want to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as you say an affirmation and that way you are receiving this information on a subconscious level. Also Noah St John has a lot of information on Afformations, they are affirmations phrased as a question, this way the mind is compelled to bring you the answer, hence the affirmation can be realized a lot faster.
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    This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing.
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      Excellent stuff! Thanks!

      I remember years ago reading an affirmation written by Napoleon Hill for boosting self confidence. I remember it seemed to make a distinct difference.

      Your statement is far more comprehensive. I'm sure it will have a significant impact on anyone who uses it.

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