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Before being an online entrepreneur, I initially had some companies that were more "conventional". At one point, I had up to 3 at the same time. I kept only the business that had the best performance and the most potential. Then, wanting to expand, I partnered with two people. Unfortunately, they did not have the necessary knowledge or a great desire to succeed. They left the office in the middle of the afternoon while I was working until late at night.

It took less than 12 weeks to lose what I had built in more than 12 years!

It was very difficult to accept. I wanted to work for myself again but my family obligations and my financial situation did not leave me much choice and one of my major clients offered me a job. I accepted, waiting for another opportunity.

I was not very happy and, of course, I put the blame on my former partners. But, in truth, why had my company collapsed in so little time? Whose fault was it?.. Mine, of course! It's me who chose these guys as partners and gave them an already established business. Yes, it was a bad decision, but it was MY decision.

The day I accepted this fact, everything changed. Slowly, but for the better. I ceased to be unhappy because when I failed, I sought the cause and it was always my fault. I made ​​bad choices and made ​​bad decisions. Because of the context or lack of information? Maybe. But if a tough economy or misguiding advice led me into making ​ bad decisions, ultimately, I've always been the one who decides. I have to assume my choices. To learn from mistakes, we must first recognize them! And for that, it takes a little humility.

For me now, the number one rule for success in business and in life is that I must stop complaining. You complain and your life will be hell. Those who could help you will go away and you'll end up surrounded with whiners. Because those who constantly complain always find a sympathetic ear, others who agree with them and reinforce their negative opinion.

I have a good example to illustrate my point.

I started making money on the Internet a little over a year ago. I still had my job and there was a person in my department who complained, let's say... regularly. This guy was hired along with me and the first time I met him, he told me how he hated his old job, and especially his former boss. It took no time for him to begin to write down everything that was wrong with his new job and, of course, with his new employer. He hated everything about him, even the color of his car!

When I first started finding success on the internet, I told him what I was doing. At that time, I earned between $100 and $200 per day and I was excited. He found it interesting. I then explained to him how I do it but he thought it was complicated. I offered him my help. I explained to my affiliate manager that I would coach him and he was approved right away. I did ads for him and showed him how to put them online. The first month, he made ​​over $600 profit, and he was very glad. The following month, his profits fell and I explained to him that he had to build new ads like the one that I made for him. After two attempts, he gave up. His great enthusiasm was gone and he started complaining again.

Remember this: if you want to succeed in any aspect of your life (business, love, friendship ...), stop complaining! You are the architect of your life and the ONLY person responsible for your "bad luck." I understand that a disease can strike you and it may not be your fault. I say "may not be" because you can also be responsible for illness. You can also be disabled, be highly indebted, be a single parent but if you want to find the solution, do not expect anything from others, stop complaining and take action. To succeed and be happy, stay away from whiners, otherwise they will pull all your positive energy from you, rub off on you, and eventually you will constantly complain, too.

As it happened after my first post, some will not like this message and they will see bad intention. But I like to do things my way and I really think it can be an early track to success for many. This message does not show you how to earn $1000 per day easily. It does not reveal a "secret" known only by Internet Marketing gurus. It does not provide the right solution you have been looking for so long to make a lot of money on the Internet. Perhaps it should not even be on this forum! However more than 6,500 people had read my first post. They left nearly 200 comments and I received over a hundred messages! If motivation and positive thinking does not guarantee success, many think it is essential. This message is for them.

There are many examples that show that we must first have goals and a strong desire to succeed. Ms. JK Rowling wrote her first novel, Harry Potter, when she was completely helpless and she and her baby had been abandoned by her husband. This is a good example of courage and tenacity of someone who took action instead of complain, but what I like to do when I have my own periods of discouragement, or when I want to complain, is to watch the most inspiring video I have ever seen. After watching, I thank God for all His blessings and for the chance I have. It is a true gift and I share it with you (you can also forward it to the whiners near you).

Nick Vujicic - No arms no legs no worries - look at yourself after watching this! - YouTube
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    That's an inspiring message and outlines why you must Take Action to succeed and never give up but keep trying until you find out what works. Then just keep doing it.

    When I was a computer tech journalist my friends were envious if all the cool computer stuff that kept arriving at my door for review. One day my best friend said 'I wish I could do what you do'

    Right there and then I handed him a bunch of reader's questions and said 'answer these and I'll send them to the editor and he'll get you writing and reviewing like me'.

    You know what? He never did write anything. Not because he wasn't capable but because he wasn't used to taking the initiative.

    Most people are like sheep. They need to be told what to do. That's why they have a JOB.

    If you want to be a successful marketer you have to get used to taking action and learning from your mistakes while not getting down heartened.
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    I agree that complaining and blaming others for your failures don't help you succeed in life.

    Even when you are a victim of someone else’s wickedness you are responsible for being in such position, because you were naïve or indifferent.

    You can also be a big hero and suffer as an unfair victim in order to save others thanks to your courage. Everything has a deeper meaning in life.

    What matters is how you will triumph over life’s challenges.

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    Yes, agreed 100%.

    If you think you can, you can. Just do it but do your due diligence first.

    Thanks for the post
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    Too many CEO's and bosses do just that: complain and blame. I wish more people, even in traditional companies would take ownership and move forward with a positive but realistic outlook. Complaining does nothing.
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      Along with not complaining, it's also about taking personal responsibility. Most people do not have a mindset which will allow them to acknowledge that a problem may be due to something that they did; it's everyone else's fault, always.

      Once they realize that they are capable of making mistakes (and that it's okay), they'll slowly realize that they have more control than they had ever thought, and that a lot of what they dislike rests squarely on their shoulders.

      And once they start realizing that, they begin to become independent, and gain the ability to achieve what they want in life. ^_^

      If you want it, you can get it. In most cases, it's simply a matter of gaining the proper mindset, and from there, time and willpower.

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    but what I like to do when I have my own periods of discouragement, or when I want to complain, is to watch the most inspiring video I have ever seen!
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  • Useful down to earth post about your life's struggles and beyond. I respect what you had to say because it came from a place of knowing through experience. Great.

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    Life is truly what you make of it....
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    Indeed, complaining is often not significantly fruitful.
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    Hi very good advise, as I have been through negative advise for many years. For last 5 years I wanted to do online business but was always discourage by people around me.
    This year I made my mind up not listen to any negative advise and go ahead and do what I wanted to do. since that day I have manage to start my business ( still to-day I have not be very successful) but I know now that if I keep on working I will succeed soon. Thanks once again for your tips.

    Hi, My name is Rita and I am Entrepreneur. My niche is health & fitness. Check my blog out.Health is Wealth -

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    Inspiring story. I am shocked that a business which was there for 12 years, lost all ground in 12 weeks
    Thats remarkable speed to go downhill. I dont want to offend you. But other people must have been incredibly stupid.

    But, like you said take action and thats what is most important.
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