You Could Be A Millionaire ... If You Put Your Mind To It

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Hey Warriors,

Just wanted to share this with you.

If you truly want to succeed in business, choose just one business and stick with it.

There's a millionaire in almost EVERY profession you could think of.

Millionaire plumbers.

Millionaire food vendors.

Millionaire shop keepers.

Millionaire shoe repair people.

Millionaire pooper scooper people.

Millionaire Affiliate Marketers

Millionaire Copywriters

Etc ... etc.

Since that is the case, you should just pick a business that you're interested in and stick with it.

Do it every single day.

Day it and day out ... especially through the tough times when your business appears to be stalling and even failing.

Let me repeat that.

Especially through the tough times when your business appears to be stalling and even failing.

When confronted with adversity like that, many people throw in the towel and quit ... quickly looking for another business that they could be successful in.

You know the same thing happened to a friend of mine.

He was an avid opportunity seeker.

I remember, in a span of 2 years, he dabbled in many businesses that he failed to stay with.

From a graphic arts business, to cartooning, to CAD drawings, to Internet Marketing, to a T-shirt business, to a cleaning business, to an Art business.

And many more I don't know about.

It's a "shock" as to why he's not successful right now. In fact, he's back to being a wage earner just to make ends meet while he looks into other businesses he's interested to get involved in.

Don't let that situation happen to you.

And especially don't go chasing money. Doing that will lead you to chasing dreams of making money for your whole life instead of making any real money.

Like I said before, there's a millionaire in every profession.

You can be an expert in ANY business, as long as you study it diligently.

Find something that you're truly interested it.

Do it until you do it right ... and then master it. It's all about focus and persistence in whatever dream you're chasing.
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    Thanks for the inspiring post!

    I'm sure, if you get excellence in any field, you can earn good money..... the thing is you should focus on one thing at one time..... there are many things that create distraction such as family, children, friends, fashion, envy, your jealous people, competitors, unhappening, financial situation, environment, lack of knowledge, indiscipline and so on.. you should be capable to these!
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    Excellent advice given by the OP. The single difference between success and failure in the IM niche is the ability to stay focused on one thing.

    Most people I see in this niche are jumping all over and not focusing on one thing.

    From reading your post I'm convinced it's not just marketers who have trouble staying focused.

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    If all you want to be is a millionaire (legally), and you don't care much about lifestyle or what the industry requirements of that business will be, then it would make sense to also seek to find out the top 10 most likely to succeed businesses are.

    This is something that Robert Kiyosaki has said he actually thinks should be taught in high school.

    One of the reasons so many immigrants who go to the US do so well while those who were born in the US sometimes struggle is, the immigrants join trade and other organizations that give them information to point them in the right direction for success. One thing that is covered is, what kinds of businesses are most likely to succeed in the US. (This is especially true of in some chambers of commerce.)

    There is absolutely no sense in chasing the dream of becoming a millionaire and then choosing the absolutely most impossible business in the world to reach your goal, unless there is something else that you seek in that business . . . like fulfilling a life-long passion.

    Again, this is just for those who are not extremely passionate about a certain business type or industry already.

    Just as one example, did you know that owning a car wash is extremely profitable? This is just one example of a business that many people do not give consideration to owning.

    (And no, I don't have anything for sale, or any pitches or lists to sign up for.)

    Just food for thought.
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    Finding your niche (area of expertize),
    look of hungry buyers,
    offer them your product/services
    smile to the bank.

    Being a Millionaire is all about the mindset and having the right mindset
    requires you to take ACTION because without ACTION nothing will
    EVER happen.
    You can only dream of becoming a Millionaire expect you take the BOLD
    STEP you will keep DREAMING.

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    I'm a firm believer that it really boils down to
    finding your passion. You know that one thing
    that you have an uncanny, burning desire to do?

    We were all created with that one skill/
    interest/passion that we're experts in, and
    everyone else stinks at it.

    That one interest someone will look at you
    and be wonder, "Why does that move you so much?"

    ONCE an individual pinpoints and finds out
    what that is, then your millionaire compass
    is already set on course.

    And don't be alarmed - we all have our own
    timelines for finding this. It can happen in your
    late teenage years, or even well into your 50's.

    This is the source for why the masses "chase money."

    Chances are they haven't found themselves.

    If they have found that passion and still not
    on the way to earning that million, then it's
    likely they're missing another key ingredient.

    Turning it into a service.

    Passion + Service = Wealth/Happiness

    And I don't want to hear that you don't
    think you have one. We all do.

    It's that thing you could lose sleep over with
    out a problem - that thing you'd do for free.

    Locate a way to give your gift
    back to society (a service)...and die a
    content man/woman.
    Your Funnel is Waiting. Fill It With Unlimited Leads
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    Originally Posted by amwarner View Post

    If you truly want to succeed in business, choose just one business and stick with it.
    Sadly, if this were all it takes, anyone could make a million dollars. But that is far from the real world reality of small business in today's economy.

    Often, choosing a niche that isn't a money niche leads to the business owner spinning his wheels for a lifetime "eeking out" a subsistence but barely paying the bills.

    Having inferior products, a faulty business model, or poor marketing are several other reasons an owner can be extremely persistent, work 70+ hours a week and still never really make much money.

    Besides the hard work and "sticking with one business" you need to work smart, understand the market, provide products that are wanted in the niche, and know how to promote and get traffic to your offers.

    Many will never get there (to a million dollars), not because they don't work hard, but because there are fatal flaws in critical areas of their business.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    That is a really good point, OP. There are probably millionaires in most professions.
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    Good share and good points.
    Anyone can be millionaire, the thing is one need to put all his efforts into it with full committment, dedication, time, value and inspiration.
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    Thanks amwarner your words are true because i was in the same situation
    i have a blog and just i have decide to make it work so and without any backlink and seo
    just by updating article i have reached 500visitor/day and make my first 100$ in internet just by updating my blog *

    so we must keep the work and the result will come
    keeeeeep working thanks and sorry for my bad English
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