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August 2013 was a big life changer for me..

I moved out of a big house, into a small townhouse (as a roommate) with my girlfriend and got rid of all of my expenses.

In fact, I deleted many of the businesses I've created from my life, even though they were successful and profitable.

You see..

In order to progress, we need to sometimes take a step back and seriously analyze what's going on. Originally my mindset was that my life was great.. and that's when I started realizing that I wasn't paying enough attention to reality.

By taking such a serious step back, I began to really understand who I was.

And that all boiled down to...

I'm a romantic.

And I wasn't giving enough time to the person I loved.

Instead I was working furiously and investing into my business.. so heavily that even though I worked from home, I wasn't really "there".

Now, only 6 months later, my entire life has changed for the better.

We still live in the townhouse but are never there, we go out together a lot, enjoy the life we have and have plans to get a small townhouse of our own in the next 2 months while also looking towards getting an RV/camper van.

I also decided to get an office about 1 mile away from the house, that way I limit myself to the amount of work I can do.

I found that by going away from the 16 hour schedule and turning it into a 3 - 5 hour schedule, I'm WAY more productive. That's because instead of goofing off here and there, I'm only able to focus on the tasks I need to get completed that day.

The rest of the day...

Is bliss

I challenge you to change your life, to do better, to analyze your surroundings and ultimately become a better person.. trust me it's worth it.

P.S. I also had a kidney stone.. that helped me change A LOT.
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    Good to see you around

    As for being a romantic...

    I *totally* understand where you're
    coming from.

    Relationships can not be abandoned
    or 'put off to the side for a rainy day'.

    It must be watered constantly...like
    a delicate garden of red roses.

    ...or they witter away and die.

    You listened to your heart instead of
    your bank account...and it paid off in
    more ways than money could match.

    We work our ass off to earn the stuff

    ...but forget what we're leaving behind.

    Our relationships.

    Our spiritual being.

    Our emotional health.

    And our our physical being.


    ...you're TOO YOUNG to have kidney

    Luckily, you took the warning sign and
    decided to do something about it.

    The best way to discourage diseases
    is to stay HAPPY...and HEALTHY.

    Money is supposed to reduce stress...
    not create it.


    I love having you around.

    You're an inspiration to many here,
    myself included.

    Keep living out your visions...live life
    with no regrets...and you'll always be
    a happy camper.

    Looking forward to hearing more of
    your journey with time.

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  • Justin, sixteen hour days living with a kidney stone will do the trick every time. I am glad you got off the merry-go-round and fell into the arms of the beloved. Nice going.

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    Very inspirational post.

    We can't put businesses and money ahead of our loved ones!!!

    When we are on our death bed we won't ask to see our money, our certificates, our trophies etc.

    We will want to be with our loved ones!!!

    I help young adults who are struggling physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially and relationally to take steps today to see results in a matter of weeks without having to go through the pain of buying thousands of books, courses and counseling sessions.


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    Awesome reminder that we have to look at what we are doing from time to time and take inventory to make sure we are headed the direction we truly desire to go and not being pushed by circumstance.

    No EN links, please

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    Completely agree with dropping your daily hours spent working to around 3-5 hours. I aim for 4 solid hours/day.

    The 4 hours include - no distractions & putting a timer on.

    The way i see it, at the job I was working at before my business I'd spend a few hours goofing around and really just 3-4 hours actually 'working'.

    As long as you can keep this consistent, I think it's enough to progress at a great rate!

    ~ Mateen
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      Life is short. Good to get clear on our priorities. And it is good to make sure that the ladder of success you are climbing is going up the right wall.
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