Work harder OR Smarter?

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I don't frequently argue with people.

I don't believe that gets people anywhere.

But many times I have people argue with me on a simple concept.

When I discuss goals with them, and how much they expect to make I tell them straight up and honestly: 'If you want to make full time income, it takes full time effort. To run a business, you have to still go to work to earn a paycheck'

To which sometimes I hear: "Yeah, but as long as I work SMARTER I don't have to work AS HARD.''

Secretly, I roll my eyes, and offer more of an explanation.


Because if you have a goal in mind - say to earn 5000 dollars a month, and you're NOT achieving it - then the cure is always the same -it is to apply CORRECT principles MORE often.

Yes, it is to work smarter- but it is to do it more often. Not less so.

That is why if you're smart about your full time effort, you're going to be a lot further along, then the guy on the couch waiting for success to hit him.
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    i have my view on this . as wealthy people and rich people do both .

    a lot of people have worked very hard..but they attach hard work to slogging through the mindless tasks involved in working a jobby job for a pay check that is barely enough .

    roman soldiers worked really hard building bridges and aquaducs that are still used today or worked without needing to be maintained for long after rome fell .

    when you are in the short term ..week to week month to month year to year mindset ..most of your hard work gets sunk into day to day drudgery because you don't want to invest the effort into things that may not pay off for several years .or even 10 or twenty years .

    so instead of putting the extra hard work in to building a house that takes very little energy to heat and cool..which humans have done for thousands of years we build houses that take a good chunk of our income every month to heat and cool ..

    a lot of people think it is hard work to cook . so they eat fast food that is more expensive ..and takes much more time than cooking .

    there is is a peasents view of hard work..the protestant work ethic ..the came from the people who worked the land in europe ..before they where kicked off the land and came over here to north america . because they worked on rented land ..if the where to effective and looked like they where doing to well..that land owner raised their rents . so they made sure to put on a show of hard work as there was no point in improving how they did things .

    so i will refine what i am saying .

    is the hard work your doing just what you need to do to get through today this week and this month .

    or is the hard work you are doing providing long term pay off ..or returns .

    so now that you have a washer and dryer ..are you using that time saved to do something productive.. or did you go out and buy a bunch of stuff that needs to be washed regularly .

    the shater hard work is putting in the effort to become more productive ..the other hard work just hard work to put on a show
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    I say work harder... and smarter.

    If you work hard and earn $100 a day, you could work hard and smart and earn $1,000 a day.

    All The Best,

    Rich Beck BCIP, MCSD, MCIS
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    If you're not smart, you're not going to work hard to begin with. If you're not working hard, then you're not smart to begin with.

    In short, smarter equals harder.

    Visit for proven advice and techniques to elevate your mind, body, and self-image.

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    einstiens quote on doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result ..being insanity . was directed at the scientific method more than real human activity .

    because often time out of the lab doing thing the same over and over lead to diminishing returns one may be able to get away with it for a time..but it eventually catches up.

    the smart thing to do is to work hard at improving the way you do thing to get better results . and avoid getting into the trap of working hard to stay the same
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    How about both. Smart and Hard! Work harder at working smarter
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  • Folks - I'm am completely of the opinion that you need to work smart AND hard.

    That is why I have the phrasing:

    " is to apply CORRECT principles MORE often."

    We are in complete agreement there.

    You cannot be 'smart' and think that it is okay to work 'Less Often.'

    Efficiency is key here.
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    i like work harder and smarter both, when you work harder you will be smarter, and when you smarter, you will work with more enthusiasm, you will more harder
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    I like both harder & smarter. If you will not work hard you will not become smarter. When you are smarter you will be in the good position.
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    I say work smarter and more persistently.

    Force negates, which is why most people slave to earn pennies online, but if you are willing to work longer, but from a smart, calm, confident place, instead of from a desperate, force filled place, you will see quick returns on your work.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    because my focus is on growing and producing food .i will put it this in those terms .

    if you want to dig a fish pond so you can have fish several times a week..without having to spend 7-13 dollars a pound for frozen toxin filled farmed fish from the supermarket .

    now this only counts if you live somewhere and plant to stay .

    your options after calling dig safe ..are dig it out by hand . or get en excavator to dig it for you . that is essentially harder verses smarter .

    at each stage of this of this project ..there several points where you can put in a little more effort now reduce the amounts of work you have to do on a daily basis .from setting up a system around the pond to grow food for the fish ..filtration ..many little details . like setting it up to harvest the fish easily .

    there is hard work involved ..but that hard work is not mindless toil .

    and it is just fine to do it the hard way first then pair down and become much more effective and productive .

    the smarter leveraging other people time and money.. hiring someone fare more effective than you at certain tasks to free you up for your most productive tasks .
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    I don't think that now a days smart work can be done without hard work
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      Originally Posted by GrowFast View Post

      I don't think that now a days smart work can be done without hard work
      nowadays labour is pretty expensive and you gotta do your own stuff.

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    Simple; Apply smartness in your hard work.
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      Originally Posted by datingworld View Post

      Simple; Apply smartness in your hard work.
      For many of my projects in the past I would check to see how others were doing things, then try to make that better. This is hard work being remolded to be more efficient: smart work.

      There's no way I am going the hard way out if it's not needed. I mean, why would I?

      As i see it though, those marketers who can't innovate and stream line their work to be a little less effort than they started with won't be making it in the long run.

      Those who can innovate and build upon HIME in the best way (high impact minimal effort) will see explosions of ROI from their efforts.

      I've seen it countless times where a marketers doesn't know how to move ahead, doesn't know how to evolve and innovate to adapt to current trends. But his competitors are already setting up their adapted structures, because they innovate to meet the current flux of how fast things can change online.
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    You're right, you absolutely need both..

    There's no free meals in life.. You always will have to put hard work.


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    of course work smarter is better than work harder.
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    Well, I can say that i have been trying my ASS off...i mean, putting in 16-18 hour days...and i still am getting NO WHERE fast, and about to cry. My personal exp anyway i want it so bad, i will go without sleep for like 2 days...and still, nothing. But yet i still want it so bad i can taste many scams, so little help, SO MUCH RESEARCH. im sure i've read more in the past year than i have my entire life, and no, im not saying i don't read know what i mean!
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    You must have passion and enthusiasm in order to work hard.

    It's the end results that we're after.

    Working hard without passion becomes just a chore (where you only do it because you have to, and may quit any time).

    A person working in Finance who hates "numbers" may only work hard for the money. But a person who loves seeing the bigger picture will work smarter (and may work harder without knowing it).

    Working with passion is the key - and it won't feel like hard work at all.

    And that's Smart work.
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      Originally Posted by Statcode View Post

      You must have passion and enthusiasm in order to work hard.

      It's the end results that we're after.

      Working hard without passion becomes just a chore (where you only do it because you have to, and may quit any time).

      A person working in Finance who hates "numbers" may only work hard for the money. But a person who loves seeing the bigger picture will work smarter (and may work harder without knowing it).

      Working with passion is the key - and it won't feel like hard work at all.

      And that's Smart work.
      bingo! that is what I believe - when you enjoy what you are working at, it doesn't feel like hard work - I can vouch for that 100% - so the trick is to be smart about what you decide to work at
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        Work smarter.

        I'd recommend taking a look at Cal Newport's blog about this very subject. He's a bright academic chap who has researched and written at length about the importance of working smarter.

        Personally, I've never liked the term 'hard work'. What does it even mean?

        You get some people working few hours and having tremendous success, and others working long hours and experiencing failure. Is 'hard work' defined by tough manual labour, or mind-taxing work, or taking great risks? Do we factor in that our effectiveness may diminish with greater hurry and longer hours (try imagining the productivity curve of a writer the longer they work...)

        At least with 'work smarter' we can infer a meaning of conscientiousness about our methods in a bid to be more effective (more with less).
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    Work Harder and Smarter for me

    Why choose one over the other if you can do it both ways.

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    Working smart encompasses both working efficiently and with perseverance. So, why pick "hard" over smart, which implies both?

    The question should be - which do you think comes first - working hard or working smart?

    Similarly, it's like the phrase, "Taking action without a plan is counterproductive. Making a plan without action is not productive."
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    Absolutely... the key here is to WORK SMART... & WORK HARD.

    But really, if you get yourself in the right mindset, there is no hard work... I truly believe that... especially for us internet marketing folk who work on the computer... come on, what's hard work about working on the computer? Nothing.

    In my game, I test a lot of squeeze pages, I deal with coding, I deal with emails, list building, testing traffic sources, coming up with different designs, testing new/old campaigns, zigging here, then zagging there... but really, HARD work? It just ain't so.

    So really, it's about WORKING SMART... & WORKING, consistently, persistently, daily, on Income Producing Activities.
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    Dan Kennedy has an analogy to this. He says that people think they can get rich by scrubbing harder. They think if they just scrub harder that their dreams will come true. Building wealth depends largely on scale. Someone could be the best door to door salesman in the world but they will still lag behind the 16 year old making $100,000 a month on a ppc affiliate campaign. The difference is the 16 year old has much more massive scale and automation compared to the manual laboring salesman.
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  • I couldn't agree more with the work harder AND smarter approach. You'd think they were mutually exclusive actions with the way some people act. Over the years I've figured out various ways to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality. Instead of sitting back and relaxing with all that extra time, why not double up and make twice as much money?
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    Don't think I know a highly successful person who didn't/doesn't do both.
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    It is weird how working harder out ways being smart. Here's a TED talk on it>

    Basically you only need to be smart a little bit of the time and only at just the right times. The rest is over thinking it. It is interesting to see that when one's IQ starts to go over about 150 people begin losing their social skills.

    It's not what you know, it's who you know.

    Most successful business people are of average intelligence. While most highly intelligent scientists make mediocre income. Who makes more money - the average scientist or the average professional athlete or movie star? Guess which one is harder.

    Did you want to be rich or just be right?

    Need another example? How good are you going to be at any skill set if you simply don't put in long hours of practice to develop your skill set? We often want a magic bullet or "The Secret" to be a cure all. Sure it does produce some winning the lottery but usually it does not. Doing what works regardless of your attitude toward it produces far more success than anything else.

    BUT - having a positive attitude allows you to grow as a human being to ENJOY the success you worked so hard for. Attitude does not wish gold into existence that was not there before. Well, . . . there is a part of this that does BUT it takes serious practice (work) to learn how to do it.

    I was watching one of those gold digging reality shows where most of them are just farting around wasting money. They had a seasoned, proven, very rich, very famous gold miner shown on the Alaskan gold mines. He kept saying it isn't about running around hoping you find something. You drill test holes only on highly potential sites, run the numbers, and that determines if you get rich. That's it. This isn't brain surgery. Find what works (smart), then keep doing it for a very long time (work).

    Did you get it?

    Work smart? - the answer is in the question. Google me if you want to know what actually works in life.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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    Of course work smart.
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    Work smarter! But it needs hard work too..
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      I agree that eagerness and enthusiasm lend themselves to hard work. If you have those you don't mind the hard work and you're more likely to look for ways to improve what you are working on.

      To answer the OP:
      Smarts and hard work are essential to get ahead. You can be a lazy smart person and not get anywhere, or a hard working and not bright and not get anywhere. You'll just drudge on day to day, week by week, in a 9-5 job that slowly kills all your creativity and spirit.

      Boost Software teamed up with Neverblue. They helped produce this new affiliate video.

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        No way. I completely disagree. Success is not about working hard.

        Ditch diggers work harder than anyone I know.. and they don't get paid for it.
        Same with waitresses at Denny's...

        Making money online is a FORMULA. pure and simple. It's a recipe.
        If you do X,Y and Z you'll make money. bottom line.

        Whoever follows that recipe is going to GET CAKE.

        It doesn't matter how much energy, blood, sweat and tears you put into your cake.. If we both follow the exact same recipe.. we're both going to get the same result.

        Same is true here with making money.

        Heck.. I don't even have to make the cake myself. While you're trying to figure it out.. I could just slip a chef $30 to make it for me..

        I get delicoius cake.. same result.. and it just took zero effort on my part.

        so no... if you work smart... you should NEVER have to work HARD.

        You can work really hard for a long time.. doing the WRONG things and get absoltuely nowhere..

        Meanwhile guys who realize this is a all just a game of numbers and follow the recipe ( traffic + offer = conversions) will cash out.

        Same is true with weight loss.
        You'll see some people that are overweight that are busting their butt off on the treadmill.. God bless their soul. doing cardio day after day.. And getting absolutely nowhere..

        Why? because they are not working smart.

        You can work out really hard.. but if you don't change your diet.. and are still eating cheeseburgers and ice cream.. you're not going to get anywhere..

        Meanwhile another girl juices for a week and drops 13 pounds.

        so do you see what I mean?

        I get it. this goes completely against conventional wisdom.
        We're taught since grade school that success is all about hard work.

        but I've found time and time again..

        that the times I worked harder then ever.. pulling all nighters, 90 hour work weeks etc.. were times where I really didn't get very far.. and it was me just being stubborn because I was trying to do things my way.. and not necesarilly the EASIEST way.

        Whereas the times where I took a step back and just asked myself..

        "What is the simplest / EASIEST way to get X result?" is when I made more money then ever with the LEAST amount of effort..

        so it's your choice.

        yes. you're not going to get very far in life if you're lazy... and you have to be WILLING to put in work.. but if you work smart enough.. you'll never have to.

        I've helped alot of people go from dead broke to banking over 7 figures.
        You know the real secret? THIS.

        Get this.. and change your life..
        or spend the rest of it working really hard.. your call.
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        • Profile picture of the author Jonathan 2.0
          Great advice. Thanks Jarrett. : )

          For me hard work = Doing something relatively boring/unfulfilling for something like 30 years with almost nothing to show for it.

          Or maybe working down a coal mine, that's hard work.

          (I'm convinced the way most people think about “success” is wrong.)
          "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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            Originally Posted by Jonathan 2.0 View Post

            Great advice. Thanks Jarrett. : )

            For me hard work = Doing something relatively boring/unfulfilling for something like 30 years with almost nothing to show for it.

            Or maybe working down a coal mine, that's hard work.

            (I'm convinced the way most people think about "success" is wrong.)
            jarretts advice is great for those wanting to generate lots of money . with little work .

            i basically agree with everything he says .

            the thing is though i need productive activity to keep me mentally stable and physically healthy ..but there is a line between being productive..and putting on a show of effort .

            most people are only really producing anything in 1-3 hours of effort..all other work is fluff and show ..put on for other people to justify the money they make the can make one or two grand in an hour or two of work..then engage in 10 hours of looking busy . and working hard .

            we are turning this world into a cess pit ..doing work that doesn't really need to be done ..because it is good for the economy .

            buying the lettuce grown a few miles from your home ..streight from the farmer not as good for the economy a buying the lettuce grown in south america from the big store near you..and the farmer near you shipping his lettuce to china .

            you must earn your keep a a human and work you butt off in service t the economy ..because a growing economy iss good a shrinking economy is bad .

            it is some kind of sin if you can live well and not work so hard and the government need to take as much extra away as it can to get you to work more .

            if you are dreaming of a day or trying to work harder to get to a day you dont have to work anymore are not a success .

            are you doing what you are doing much as you are doing it ..because you enjoy doing it ..and like making money from it .

            or are you doing what you are doing because you have a pile of bills to pay..or employees to impress..or some desire to prove to someone you deserve what you have because you work so hard .

            things worth money grow on trees and you can prune the trees to keep all those things within arms reach
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    "Whoever follows that recipe is going to GET CAKE.

    It doesn't matter how much energy, blood, sweat and tears you put into your cake.. If we both follow the exact same recipe.. we're both going to get the same result.

    Same is true here with making money."

    maybe if all you have to do is crack an egg

    there are chefs and there are bakers who have put the effort into baking cake ..and you may not get the same cake from both cooking the same recipe .

    not fully disagreeing with you ..but i am sure you under stand that sometime the hardest part is figuring out the smart system ..and honing it to get more results .

    many people focus on the work they see getting done..and fail to grasp how to design systems to get the work done ..that is why the guy who owns the machines and figures out how to set them up..gets rich and the people who set them up and run them get a pay check .

    donald trump works hard getting building built ..but most likely the last time he did any of the physical work in construction was when he was working for his dad
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    • Profile picture of the author Jarrett

      Here's what I can tell you. What I'm explaining right now is the exact same mindset shift that's made me and my clients millions of dollars while working less than ever.

      So obviously, it works

      If you are under the firm belief that making money online can't possibly be as easy as following a recipe and must require lots of hard work.. Then so be it. You're entitled to that right.

      But I would encourage you to ask people who are in the 7,8,9 figure range.. who have complete freedom and plenty of time to spend with their family. They got there because they got this point.

      I used to work really hard for my money.. Until I had a conversation with a guy who did $50mil/yr.. He asked everything I was doing in my business.. I started to list off everything.. he then cut me off and said..

      "Jarrett. you're doing it all wrong. You're working 10x harder than me for alot less money.."

      and went onto say..

      " If you can't write everything you do in your business on a napkin.. you're doing too much..."

      "Want to know how I'm making mid 8 figures? All I do is X and X"

      What he explained to me sounded so stupid.. and so easy.. that I didn't want to believe it.. No way. It couldn't possibly be that simple.. could it?

      Then I got into a mastermind group with a billionaire.. and another guy who makes $300mill.

      And they said the EXACT same thing to me..
      At this point, I realized.. OK. either it's all one big conspiracy and all of these guys are in on it..

      OR... I'm wrong. (which of course could never happen right? so I came to realize that it was indeed one big conspiracy lol.)

      Seriously though. I changed my thinking at that moment. I was done working hard...

      Everyone I knew growing up.. all the way to my dad.. worked HARD for his money. Put in serious time and effort..

      And had NOTHING to show for it.. besides exhaustion and injuries.
      I knew that that was NOT the route I wanted to go.

      So I made the change. I decided to just think differently. and do things differently. And whenever I come to ANY situation.. I ask myself what is the GOAL that I am trying to accomplish.. and then what is the FASTEST & SIMPLEST path to get there?

      I realized that truly successful people don't work hard for their money.. they let their money work hard for them. And if you have none.. Leverage whatever talents or assets you got first... then ante up!

      I can't emphasize this strong enough. Making money does in fact come down to simple formulas, tried and true tested systems, and recipes. bottom line.

      there are chefs and there are bakers who have put the effort into baking cake ..and you may not get the same cake from both cooking the same recipe .
      yes, but you're agreeing that they both got CAKE at the end =)
      which is my point exactly.

      YES. a pro baker's cake might taste a little more delicious..

      And Frank Kern's product launch might be a bigger success than yours.. because he's frank the tank.. and you're not.

      But who cares?
      If you follow his recipe. His formula. You do exactly what he does..
      You are going to MAKE MONEY. and that's what we're talking about here.
      you may not make the exact dollar amount he did.. but there's no reason why you can't get close (or even surpass it)

      And speaking of top chefs and bakers.. if you're convinced that a better chef is going to have a much better cake.. and that is what's standing in your way..

      And someone who is more successful is more experienced and has figured out smarter systems... and that knowledge and understanding can only come through hard work..

      Then riddle me this.

      What's stopping YOU from hiring them to do it for you?
      What's stopping YOU from bringing them onto YOUR team?
      What's stopping YOU from surrounding yourself with top experts who have already been there and done it?

      What's stopping you from mimicing what they do? Starbucks coffees taste the exact same everywhere you go.. that's because they got it to a system.

      All of those methods are perfectly viable solutions. All of which I mentioned require little to no work on your part.

      .but i am sure you under stand that sometime the hardest part is figuring out the smart system ..and honing it to get more results .
      No. I don't understand at all. You're using 'hardest part' to talk about money.. Which means you see money entirely different as I do.

      you see money as something that is difficult to be grasped, with lots of challenges, and that there are apparently smart systems that are far superior to dumb systems.

      I know of none. To me, if I put $1 into something.. ANYTHING.. and it makes me $2. that's a good system. It doesn't matter if it's something I came up with while I was drunk lol

      Then I'll try $2, $5, $100, $10,000, $50k and so on.
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  • Profile picture of the author Scott Brooks
    My philosophy is to work harder and smarter on the things that really matter. I just need to be a bit more consistent with fleshing this out.

    Build a Profitable IM Business in 12 Weeks

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  • Profile picture of the author marco005
    Hi warriors!

    Auctiondebteliminator;your ebay tips in another thread works like charm!
    Now I sell webdesign on ebay and make some money!

    But ebay make it harder and harder, makes the sellers life increasingly difficult more and more.

    I only speak for the ebay european market, ebay has new strong silly rules;

    Your article photos ,does not have anymore text or graphic within!
    With webdesign this is very impossible-silly.

    Another dump silly rules; You can not make similiar multiple auctions!
    Please correct me if I wrong here.

    When you will sell similiar products or sell in another category-you can not use the product, you must create new product.

    When you will upload 100 similiar products,ebay will shown first only 1 product-then wehn there are bids on it,then the next product item Nr.2
    will shown.

    That is silly, "Nightingale I hear you tapsing"

    The big internet companys,ebay,amazon, or whatsever they make the life of affiliates and sellers more and more difficult-why I don't know.

    Perhaps the internet elite does not like it when more and more people makes money over the $1000 mark?

    That has not to do with serious business.
    But so long I can sell my offline services I can make little good money with them,I can invest and grow up my internet business.

    best wishes
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  • Profile picture of the author dave147
    Yeah working harder AND smarter is a great combination.
    For me...
    Working harder is stepping outside of your comfort zone (and staying out there longer)
    Working smarter is doing more of the things that bring bigger rewards

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  • Profile picture of the author WilloxPerez
    Well put indeed!

    Everyone has their way of looking at it but in the end it is simply smart to work strategically effectively and put forth an immense amount of effort towards accomplishing your goal =-D

    Why not give it your all? But before you do be smart enough to analyze and make sure that what you are doing makes sense. Just like with anything in life the key is to have a balance.
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  • Profile picture of the author shakamon
    Work smarter doing something you love, then it doesn't feel like hard work, it becomes enjoyable, then the hard work takes care of itself
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  • I agree that you should do both but when you work smart and work efficiently, you achieve more with with every hour you work.

    I agree that to be super rich and successful you have to do both. But there are a lot of people who are perfectly happy working just enough to live comfortably because they feel more fulfilled spending more time with family or other things they are equally passionate about.

    And this is why I feel working smarter is better than working harder. Working smarter gives you freedom. You can always make more money, you can't make more time.
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  • Profile picture of the author Trey Morgan
    Yeah it really comes down to doing both. Work harder and work smarter. Usually when you're just starting out, working smarter is out of the equation because you don't really know what you're doing, but once you get the hang of things, you will begin to find more efficient ways of working.
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  • Profile picture of the author morganf
    Harder until you figure out how to do it smarter.
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  • Profile picture of the author jex1
    I think if you work smarter, ie for yourself, because working for someone else is stupid, you will work harder because working for yourself is not really working anymore!
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  • Profile picture of the author McKattry
    Often you have to work harder first, and as you become more successful, the 'work smarter' can kick in. It's all fine to know that you should outsource, but if you don't have the money to pay them, well back to the "work harder" you go!
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  • Profile picture of the author sagittarius
    If found out that we create our own "templates" for us to work smarter. But we don't create this from thin air or strategic planning alone, we create this through time, by working hard first.

    Work hard first, and it'll get easier through time. For instance, when I first started writing articles, it took me 1 hour for each 500-word piece. Repetition is the mother of all skill. Instinct will help you build your own system of work, thus making you work smarter through time.

    You can of course grab other people's systems or success templates and work smarter without going through the hard part, but it depends on what you're trying to achieve. Using some templates from other people, you will miss a lot of learning along the way. Also, without a bit of hard work, success won't taste sweeter. There's a huge difference between "smarter" and "lazier".
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