Stop Procrastinating and get down to Work!

by dee4d
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Many of us look for reasons so as not to complete the tasks we have. We engage our minds to believe we have reasons not achieve what we have. And the main reason? Inadequate resources or knowledge!

This is the biggest killer in advancing. The little steps to success all add up in how we set our minds to think, and perceive things. If this was not a big problem, then many of us wouldn't be stuck in the rat race.

But the mind of super achievers is great. The hard fact is - success is not for the faint-heartened.

When you push yourself to get things done, this'll become a habit, and you'll find yourself achieving more and more. This is actually related to the parable of the talent - to those who have, more will be given unto them!

Until you start the "big" step, you won't achieve much!
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    Thats so true! Thanks God bless
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    Welcome digitalceo95. Those principles we learn from the bible apply so much in real life!
    Stay Healthy all your Life, and Avoid Lifesty Diseases Later in Life. Enjoy life to the fullest.
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    Very true! I always procrastinate, sitting next to a big window looking out over town is always a distraction for me.
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    Originally Posted by dee4d View Post

    Until you start the "big" step, you won't achieve much!
    Sitting down and thinking something will happen itself is wrong. One need to take actions to make it happen.

    Thanks for useful post.
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