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Hey guys,

I've been watching some motivational videos lately and I found this idea helpful to my drive.

People in our world as so often complacent in their circumstances due to this notion you need to be 'happy with yourself'. 'Be yourself' and all that nonsense. Which is fine, but for us, 'be yourself' has to include 'have the drive to do what you need to get to where you want to be'. However this often isn't included in the paradigm of that phrase and leads to lack of motivation since people are usually lazy and therefore lack of motivation is just them being themselves.

So in order to want more you need to be unsatisfied with who you are. It is this same self-esteem movement which has been shown not to work. Telling fat women they're beautiful so they don't strive to become healthier. You need to realise you can have more, you can want more and nobody has the right to tell you otherwise.

Most people are unhappy with who they are, but they'll rather try to make themselves happy with who they are, rather than change who they are to make themselves happy. That distinction of decision is what separates average people from successful people in my opinion.
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    perpetual dissatifaction is why so many people lives are a mess and why the united states is crumbling and burried in debt .

    there is a certain point where more doesn't make sense if what you have doesn't bring satisfaction .

    if you want to lose weight and be healthier..you need to eat food that satifies your hunger ..and treats your pallet well..while eating smaller portions ..be satisfied with less food and eat the best food you can eat .

    most peopler problems is they bury their feelings of dissatisfaction under a false veneer of indulgences they claim satisfy them .
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    It's perfectly fine to be “Happy with yourself” (high self-esteem, self-acceptance, etc.) while still wanting to be (and choosing to be) successful in the various aspects of life. It doesn't have to be either/or.
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    I believed the required balance must be between self-acceptance/happiness and self-overcoming/improvement. There is no room for softness here. Build day by day, BUT at the end of each day also acknowledge your progress and accept where you have so far come. Then keep going. There's no room for stopping here.

    You want greatness?

    Go get it.
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    in many cases it is actually a lie that if you do it the same way every time you will get the same result .

    Einstein i believe was a scientist ..and was speaking of proving things in a lab .

    though it works for the manufacturing of goods ..it fails on the experience front .

    if you do things the same way over and over you will get deminishing amounts of pleasure ..the first time you have a very tasty dinner at a place .. will bring more pleasure than the 2 nd 3rd ..and if any time after the quality come in lower than expected ..it make for a very negative experience .

    so a proper restating of the premis of this post..

    would be to be satisfied now but expect better next time.
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    Be grateful of what you currently have and always work to have more.


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    And remember the best part of success is the journey, so savor the adventure.
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    Max, while I understand what you're trying to say I disagree with your threat topic as it might give people the wrong impression that never being satisfied is a desirable thing. Never being satisfied is (in my opinion) a recipe for disaster, negativity, stunted growth and daily frustration.

    I'm the complete opposite. I strive for daily satisfaction. I've seen people who are always down on themselves in an ironic attempt at motivation. CG nailed it. Being happy, satisfied and content every day is a free gift from nature and is not in-congruent with the desire for a better life and further growth. That feeling of well being is one we all deserve to feel every day.

    I find that by accepting my current situation I can own it and I have to own it if am to get any peace because I created it. If you're not (or will never be) satisfied with your current position then you're secretly and silently putting yourself down for prior decisions because that's how you got here (to today). Don't do that. It makes for a miserable day.

    Like I said, I can see your (slightly veiled) motivational message but please think about the pleasure of satisfaction and realise that it's a free and fantastic daily gift. All I need is a small "shot-glass" of satisfaction (or excitement) and I know I've lived this day as well as I can and that's really all that matters because today is all we've got. Being frustrated about where you are risks pushing possible daily joy away to another day which never comes and that's a shame. Today is the future. Be satisfied now. Tomorrow you might be fender food for the local school bus.
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    • Developing contentment in the 'now' and an appreciation of what we have cna lead to tremendous satisfaction - nothing wrong with that.

      A failure to appreciate this fact is why, for example, so many rich and famous people are so unhappy, because they thought a certain level of achievement would bring them happiness, but they found themselves no happier when they got there.

      Striving is great, hanging satisfaction on a future event - not so great ;-)
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