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PATIENCE... Do you have any?

So often in this Internet Marketing world of ours we want things right away. We want to see instant gratification and fail to practice and hold a bit of patience. This type of behavior can cause us to make bad judgments and waste resources within our businesses...

Quick story... For the past few weeks or so I've been having to charge my iPods and iPhone on my dock. Both of my cords had stopped working and were shot. After growing tired and really agitated with having to use my dock to charge mi ipod and phone and not being able to sync new items to the devices I decided I would go buy a new cord...

After taking some time to think about my priorities. I decided the cord wasn't a necessity and I could use that same money on buying a few fiverr gigs to help grow my business.

Meanwhile, I had contacted my father and wanted to spend some time with him. It turns out he had an extra cord and he gave it too me.. Now all is well

This experience really taught me the lesson of being pacient and I hope many of you may have learned something or another from my experience.

Prosperity and success to you all!
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    Good approach. I always ask myself if I need or want something. Almost always, it's a want. Well, at least it was like that a year ago.

    Simple approach. But it works and helps you appreciate what you do have, which goes hand in hand with patience.
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      I think that I do this to a fault! I realized that the time I spent pondering brands of tomatoe sauce in order to get the highest quality for the lowest price, was time I could have been spending working on my business, or playing with my son.
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  • Having a child definitely taught me to be more patient. Some of the best things do happen to those who wait.
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    Great comments you guys. Great to see others can relate to this post!
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      Great story sunnydelight, a little patience can go a long way. Having a little patience gives the universe time to accommodate you, where as impatience can often leave you with regrets and mistakes.
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    Patience and a positive outlook seem to make everything fall into place naturally. Your story may be a simple example that easily explains the complexity of the universe. Sometimes, we just need to do all that we can, put our priorities first and everything will take care of itself.
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    I love your comments @ drem and sitback... both of you are absolutely right... it wasn't until I got out the way and didn't force anything until what I needed came to me.
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    You're right patience is important, especially when you're dealing with things that can wait.

    I liked how you said, "After taking some time to think about my priorities."

    Usually when your priorities are screwed up it can lead to some fast decisions that seem like the right thing to do at first, but later on, you realize that it wasn't the right decision at all.
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    Hey tvon, I am a big fan of your posts. Thanks for commenting on here.

    And you're right, whenever I dont evaluate my priorities first I screw things up. That's another lesson learned haha
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