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Learning how to motivate yourself at-will is one of the most important skills you can learn.

It doesn't matter if you're a student, entrepreneur, recent divorcee, or anything else.

Being able to keep pushing forward, and doing what you need to do, is a skill that EVERYONE should master.

This isn't just about willpower- although that's part of it.

It isn't just about your "Why", although it plays a role.

Motivation isn't always about taking massive action- but it can certainly help.

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about motivation:

"Motivation is a psychological feature that arouses an organism to act towards a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal-directed behaviors. It can be considered a driving force; a psychological one that compels or reinforces an action toward a desired goal. For example, hunger is a motivation that elicits a desire to eat. Motivation is the purpose or psychological cause of an action
Motivation has been shown to have roots in physiological, behavioral, cognitive, and social areas. Motivation may be rooted in a basic impulse to optimize well-being, minimize physical pain and maximize pleasure. It can also originate from specific physical needs such as eating, sleeping or resting, and sex.
Motivation is an inner drive to behave or act in a certain manner. "It's the difference between waking up before dawn to pound the pavement and lazing around the house all day. These inner conditions such as wishes, desires, goals, activate to move in a particular direction in behavior."

That's a pretty good explanation, but let's keep it a lot shorter.

Motivation is finding the energy and enthusiasm to accomplish your goals.

That's it.

Now go out there and crush it.
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    In your opinion, how can we generate this motivational state at will? What were some techniques that helped you attain this ability?
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      Originally Posted by Dain Supero View Post

      In your opinion, how can we generate this motivational state at will? What were some techniques that helped you attain this ability?
      I hold myself motivated with motivation videos on youtube for example. I watch them every day and it works. I listen also to podcast and read also marketing books and autobiographies of successful people.

      Another thing is to have a clear why something what really motivates you what brings you out of bed in the morning and up late! If you have this why your real reason than motivation comes from alone!
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    I often motivate myself just by taking a moment to relax, get a few deep breathes in, clear my mind and think of my goals and the reasons i take the actions I do to get to my goal.

    Figure out your WHY. Once you find your Why you wont need to try to look for motivation simply reminding yourself of you Why (why you do what you do) will motivate you.

    My why is my mother. I want to retire her and give her new experiences she hasnt been able to have yet. After all she gave up so much for me to make sure Im well taken careof its the least i can do
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    Yes, I completely agree. Once you have a clear and definite purpose driving you every day, you're always motivated. It becomes second nature and then your permanent nature.

    Like breathing.
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    Motivating yourself at will is definitely a skill we could all benefit from. Personally, I believe it is a skill that is difficult to develop and requires a lot of experimentation to find out what really gets you going without fail. It could be motivational videos, motivational quotes, motivational books, inner or personal motivation, the will to be successful, or a combination of one or more motivational resources.
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      Best motivation are basic physiologic needs
      When you need to feed five children you don't go to youtube vidoes for motivation.
      When get over that physical level and your mind starts blah-blah, it's where the quest for motivation starts
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