When is the BEST time to be HAPPY?

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Hey all. Hope you having a great Monday! It's Omar & Will coming at you with something I think we should all think about.

I just cracked open a book called "The Happiness Advantage" By Shawn Achor (Thank my girlfriend for getting it for me!)

What he says in the opening statement is pretty powerful and I think you would agree.

First off, how many times do we think to ourselves...

"I will be happy WHEN this happens"


"Until this happens I wont be happy"


"Once I am successful, then I will become happy"

But does it really work out like this?

This book shows that studies have shown extensively that it is actually the other way around.

Yep! Instead of WAITING to be happy INSTEAD what it is more beneficial and effective is to find happiness within the journey itself.

As the book states, "Happiness Fuels Success, Not The Other Way Around."

So as you think about whatever it is you want to accomplish in your life, are you focusing on enjoying the ride, right now? Even if it may be bumpy and full of U-TURNS, Road Blocks, Pot Holes and Detours?

If not, maybe you should now start focusing on being happy in the

I know I will.

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    I somehow knew you would say something like that. I totally agree.
    Be happy as much as possible. You can't be 100% happy due to life's challenges...but if you can be happy 90%-95% of the time, that is fantastic.

    Happiness attracts happiness and sadness attracts sadness.

    So I vote HAPPY!

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
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    in a few weeks or a month when i am on the other side of the planet ..which is just far enough away from my family ..i'll be happy ..

    it is way to difficult to stay happy when the people around you make you feel like you do everything wrong ..then if you seem to happy they pile on and point out your problems untill you are worried again ..

    the last year or two has been really really painful and i have bottle up a lot of emotions to get through what i needed ..though the do spill out often..the only thing that has gotten me through is that vision of living on a beach in a tropicle country ..and until a month and a half ago..i had no idea where the money would come from .
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    I long while ago I realized I was holding myself hostage by creating some prerequisites for my happiness. i.e if this or that happens then I will be happy. I even felt guilty when I realized I could be happy without meeting the preset conditions. Sometimes when I appear happy, I invite some skeptical comments from those around me. I have on occasion been called carefree, lacking any serious commitments or endeavors. Anyway I will be happy right now. Tomorrows worries will have to sort themselves out.
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    Amen Jeff! Going through stuff makes us treasure being alive alone, and makes us happy, just to be alive. Thanks!
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    So true.

    Just decide to be happy now. Be grateful of what you already have and excited about your journey to your next goal.


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    Great reminder Omar!

    I learned my lesson the time to be happy is NOW. It is for a reason that in the bible it's written " the Joy of the Lord is my strength"

    Happy attracts Happy. I used to feel bad because I was happy and others were not. Today I make no apologies for being happy heck it's my strength!!

    I wish you all the happiness that comes from inside!
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    If you learn to live joyfully, then you don't worry about when you are or aren't happy. Joy is peace.
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    The best time to be happy is anytime, anywhere, and for no reason.
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    Well how does the book tell you to just be happy? I'm guessing through meditation and gratitude?
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    Like the song says. "Don't worry, be happy".
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    Good post.

    Appreciation of present moment + hope of future achievement = happiness.

    Happiness + passion/desire + plan = success.

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      Happiness is a habit you have to cultivate. Sometimes you have to have an "I'm gonna be happy no matter what" attitude.

      If you do like most people and take an "I'll be happy if or when this happens" attitude, you'll be like the stock market ... constantly up and down!
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  • Awesome post. My daughter inspires me to be happy because she's always so cheerful. Even when it's stormy outside, she tells me it's a beautiful day because the frogs get to play.

    Rain or shine, there's always a reason to smile and be happy.
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    Damien Parsons
    Success Coach | Writer
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    Thanks for the great posts here.One interesting book I found on happiness was Marci Shimoff's "Happy For No Reason"
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    The best time to be happy is when you awake to see another day and know it is another day to be successful at your business and making a name for yourself.
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    "Happiness is a goal to be achieved, and goals are better achieved when you are happy" - This is the tag line of the website I am working on. We need to take actions regularly to keep ourselves happy, it doesn't just happen.
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    Read Eckhart Tolle

    Recognize reality even when you don't like it - especially when you don't like it.
    — Charlie Munger

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    Happiness Only Real When Shared - I forgot the movie, when he's dying he realized in all his journey in life real happiness can only be obtained if you share it with other people especially your loved ones.
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