Solid Advice Versus Phenomenal Advice

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I just read a thread concerning a fellow Warrior who was pretty down about his job. He has a wife to support, and a small child to support too.

Now hear this: solid advice says, hold onto your job. Pay bills, support da fam, and start slowly building a part time venture. Most people will offer this advice, to him. I did.....but...I wanted to expand, and talk about offering phenomenal advice.

Phenomenal advice, based on my experience, would be, quit the job, to be driven so tremendously to succeed, that you do stuff that few people on earth do(comment on 100 blogs daily, publish 60 posts daily....or any of the other stuff I've done lol...), and get phenomenal results.

Solid advice: your family will be happy that you have some perceived stability. You'll pay bills, everybody will be comfy, but you'll be miserable. This is a conscious choice, to be miserable, based on following solid advice.

Phenomenal advice: your family will be happy that you gave yourself a chance to be financially free, and a millionaire, and they'll be elated that you didn't take a big risk, but gave yourself and the fam the most special opportunity of your life Of course, before the fam is happy, there may be some tremendous trying times...most people fear these trying times so much, they can't even envision the nightmares of going broke, and their family suffering, without getting no way do I judge them! Because I know the feeling, damn well....

Most advice offered on Warrior is solid, but is usually colored with our own individual fears. My advice included I went through the nightmares of being down to pennies, yet I'll be living in Fiji, on the ocean, for 4 months, in a few days. In many ways, my faith trumped my fears, because I'm doing stuff few people every do.

The ONLY reason why, is because I reached those lows(from following PHENOMENAL advice, instead of solid advice).....I never would have published 4000 blog posts, and made money online at my clip, by holding on, to some low energy job, that sapped the life out of me.

So, that's my experience. I'd offer the solid advice, to keep the job....but if you look at life as a 1 time deal, and would like to live in places like Bali, and Fiji, and Phuket, and Costa Rica, and Kathmandu, and the 10 other countries I've lived in for months on end....or if you want money to NEVER be an issue again...well hell, you better follow the phenomenal advice lol!

Thanks guys for the great chats recently, good stuff here!

Surf's up in Phuket, see ya later!
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      Thanks Rik for reading!
      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    how much of the solid nutrition advice in the last 50 years ..has turned out to be dogmatic bull ..that caused people to adopt diets that where far worse .

    anyway . i didn't give advice in that thread because i would have been rude ..

    i worked with many men who had to eat pain pills to work demanding jobs while they where in pain support their families ..maybe the wife should be turned on to putting what effort she can into making an income online ..if she can work a normal job ..and their finances where built off 2 incomes .
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      Odahh I think there's always a better way. Unlike oxen or mules, we have minds, to think our way out of back-breaking jobs lol!

      Thanks for reading!
      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    at this point in life .. there is just so much advice out there ..the same advice ..can be horrible for one person and phenomenal for another..

    if you are not focused on what you want to do in the long term .. all advice outside get focused..can be bad advice .

    i am week or a month away from getting on a plane and living in a tropical country for a while and probable being able to get a place with land to grow food ..

    the amount of money i needed to pay of debt and make that dream happen can be in the mail now.

    my family is freaking out trying to talk me out of it ..and wondering why i can't live in another part of the country .

    we with the way i want to live anywhere in the US id spend more for mandatory health care coverage , a car payment ..gas for the car , and car insurance ..than what I would spend living out of the country .

    be really damn clear about why you want to do what you want to do
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      That WHY is the driver!
      Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    the advice that is best is not about what to do..

    once you chose on your own what is best for you ..chances are others have done it ..

    and the advice that is the best is the how to do what you want to do .

    the world we life in make the once impossible possible almost on a daily basis

    the first thing anyone needs to become aware of is of how many options they really have ..

    here is a secret of today's society the centers in the US mindset .. happy and healthy people are bad for the economy . everything is geared to get you sick to get you on some treatment..especially drugs for depression and anxiety ..and buying thing in order to try and feel better or make yourself look in ..

    normal people have pretty miserable lives most of the time ..

    phenomenal advice don't be normal..don't be average .
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    You forget one important thing ...

    That we all driven by different human needs.

    There are some people who want adventure and diversity. For example, I'm preparing to take a month long trip around Europe.

    There are others who do not want this. They want stability. They enjoy their 9 - 5 job and having clear tasks. This does not make them superior or inferior to us.

    We are just different people driven by different needs.

    I've fallen into this trap ... to think I'm superior just because I've been raised with an individualistic, freedom loving identity. The truth is that human nature means a lot more than our tolerance to risk.

    I've meet risk loving people who were complete assholes and unhappy and I've meet people who went to work every day with a big smile on their face.

    I've meet folks who had sex with tens of women and were emotional crashes and I've meet guys who married their first gf and are happy.

    There is no actual "one size fits all" solution.

    The only thing that I can say is this ...

    "Everything in life happens so you can outgrow your situation. If you have a problem, it is like the dumbbell required to improve the size of your muscles. And you can let that problem keep you down where you are or you can use it to build a better you".
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      Originally Posted by RogozRazvan View Post

      There is no actual "one size fits all" solution.
      I couldn't agree more Rogoz, but don't you think that safe vs. risky, or solid vs phenomenal advice would fall into most all categories?
      For anyone comfortable with a 40 hour work week, they still have those safe decisions and risky decisions that lead to "Lets say promotions". Or if they don't want to move into a higher position, a pay raise may be a goal. If no pay raise, maybe efficiency of how the job is performed.

      We are talking about work and money, but what about personal decisions as you were saying Rogoz. Although people may be "Comfortable" where they are at, they still will always have the solid option vs phenomenal option as Ryan states.

      Awesome thread you guys, and nice pointer Rogoz!

      (Shaking sand out of my hair still - Slept on the beach last night)

      Damien Parsons
      Success Coach | Writer
      Join me on Successful Lifestyle Secrets
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  • Profile picture of the author Trey Morgan
    I agree with you 100%. Being safe usually gets you safe results. If you want to change your life in a big way, you have to take a big risk. There are no guarantees of what outcome you will get from taking a big risk, but you won't have to live in regret or wonder what if.

    You can struggle to live an average lifestyle or struggle to create a phenomenal lifestyle. They both require a struggle ,so which one do you choose?
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    Safety net is always a bad option.The bigger the better but requires more faith.Faith and fear are the same side of the coin.I had never face tremendous fear or tremendous faith in 30% of my life. I have worked out the 70% of it.

    Number 11 is lucky in snake & ladders.

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