"Expectation" and "Attachment" Are Two Different Things...

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You walk along a dirt path, and notice an old tennis ball on the ground.

You decide to playfully hold it and throw it up. When you do, do you EXPECT gravity to work and bring it back down?

Yes, absolutely.

Do you have an "Attachment" to gravity to bring it back down?

Not really.

You have a positive expectation, but no attachment.

This is a key to making the Law of Attraction work. Expect it to work, but without attachment.

It's a nuance you can master over time.

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    I am really trying to get back into this LOA thing but having trouble believing it will work for me. I think it has in the past but over the past year things have gotten a little desperate and the negativity within is quite strong.

    I know this works for others...the LOA makes a lot of sense to me...but I am not sure how to get started again.

    I am reading books on the subject and started doing a gratitude list every morning after I exercise. I wonder if that is enough for starters.

    By the way what is "attachment?"
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    expect it to come

    do not be attached to how you believe it should come..and block it from coming
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