You ARE good enough...if you believe you are!

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How many times have you missed out on deals because you didn't think you would get them? I'm sure that many of you have experienced this, as I have.

That is one of the reasons why you don't get them. If you believe you can achieve success, you WILL! If you believe you can't, you WON'T!

Your subconscious doesn't know how to tell the difference between yes and no, so if you want to get yeses, believe in yourself.

I was reading an excerpt from a marketing book where the author had been asked to do a massive advertising campaign but the catch was that they needed a big name TV personality, and they had some one specific in mind.

The author knew this guy only ever did 2 campaigns and they were for "small" companies... One was for Microsoft and the other was for American Express.

However, because this person didn't believe in the word "no," he tried anyway and, guess what? He got a yes!

The celebrity was happy to do it. Obviously he got well paid but that wasn't the point. If this guy didn't have the confidence to ask, he wouldn't have gotten that yes.

Never let anybody put a ceiling on your dreams and goals. You don't know what will happen to you if you just ask and keep asking.
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    Excellent post.

    Your mental approach to any task usually determines the outcome.

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    Kind of true.

    There are hard limits and limits in our mind.

    The problem is that there is a huge difference between these two. However, at some point, it also comes down to competence, to actual skills and experience.

    I was talking about this today with a friend, about how we tend to believe that what we can't do, can not be done. About how limits are extremely arbitrary. About how if I can't lift over 20 kg this doesn't mean that there isn't someone there who can lift 50 - 100 - 200.

    Can I lift 50 if I believe in my skills? I kind of doubt it. But I can do at least 30.

    Good post anyway. It is important for beginners though to understand the limits of self-esteem and it is only one part of the equation.
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    It's like being told to aim for the moon. If you fall short, you'll still get the stars. But if you only aim for the top of the mountain and get halfway, it's much less of an achievement. Think of Olympic athletes. They refuse to believe that records can't be broken and they go on to break them. If they didn't believe in themselves, they would never achieve success.

    Never be afraid of failure because it just teaches you a way not to do something.
    Even the greats... Einstein, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates and many, many more...were told they would never succeed. BUT THEY DID!

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    Good story on the celeb and overall points, reminds me of the placebo effect: just giving people something that you call medicine, even when said medicine is just a sugar pill that does absolutely nothing, consistently shows positive changes...the belief in success is much the same.

    No confidence, no conviction, no results.
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    In most cases - regardless of ability - you have to create false confidence to take the first step. Confidence comes from progressive positive action.

    True confidence is not derived from results - it's derived from process mastery. So even if you can't reach the moon... if you can work the process (or find something in the process on the way to the moon that you do well enough) ... you can find success - and thus, increase your confidence.

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    I agree that our outlook can change the outcomes in our life, but not by any means of mind control or power. I believe that we are in control and at peace, therefore we are more successful.
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