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Hello Warriors,

Question:Have you ever asked yourself the question, "What's the difference between success or failure with your business venture, between those who make it and those who quit the first month?" I have often asked myself, "What is the common characteristic with successful people and how do I get it?" That's the $64,000 question. I think that the one commonality is that everything boils down to be BELIEF! What we believe in or the meaning of and the certainty that a result will come from it. A situation determines how we behave and what we do about it or the action we take to achieve that result.

Unless you believe that what you have in your hands is a "gift" and is of value, it is very hard to reach your goals. Become FOCUSED on your ultimate goal and develop a sense of URGENCY.
You must become uncomfortable with your present situation in life. You must have a desire to change your life and your belief that you can do it must be strong. Most of us don't have that sense of urgency. We don't feel that anything that we can do will make much difference in our lives anyway. "What if I do everything right and it still doesn't work?" So we don't give 100%. We don't want the pain of failure. You must have BELIEF, FOCUS and URGENCY!

"When you want success as bad as you wanted to breathe, nothing will stop you!"

Question: "How hard would you work if you knew you couldn't fail?" By applying yourself, being coachable, by putting your blinders on, you could literally do, be, and have everything you ever wanted for the rest of your life. If you really believed that statement in your gut, how hard would you work? How many phone calls would you make how many people would you contact if you knew that when all the smoke cleared, you would earn all the money you wanted, have all the happiness, joy, and wealth to live life on your terms?

Question: "What is your reason for doing your chosen business?" As many wise men have said, "It's not the how. It's the why!" Once you find that, NOTHING CAN STOP YOU!

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    the main reasons are mindset and focus. without either of those it is very difficult to get results and without results then most people lose focus and then quit or try something else. Yes if you really want something then nothing can stop you but then again that is in an ideal situation and that is if they are possible and legal of course
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    How many people who have their why you know and failed?

    Read "Drive" by Daniel Pink. It is a very interesting work in the area of human motivation.
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    Success is a decision. Only 5% of online marketers make enough to make a full time living online. How do you become one of the 5%? You DECIDE to. Once you decided that you are going to be one of the 5% you will do anything to learn what it takes to get there and take action.

    When I started out I would start after 8pm and LEARN until the sun came up and then take action. So for me, it was always just making a decision. Do you want to be part of the 95% or do you want to be part of the 5%? That is what has prompted me to build my business.
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