is anyone try amazon store

by adwike
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I try Amazon store but my result is very poor the number of downloads is very low
anyone tell us his experience with amazon store
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    I tried it few days ago I had 0 downloads with hundreads of clicks in the US so I stoped promoting it.
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    You have to be more specific in what you are talking about

    Are you an amazon affiliate selling products on your own wordpress based Amazon themed site?

    Did you upload a product or app the amazon store?

    You don't say anything about how many downloads , how much traffic you are getting a day, how many products you have on the store.

    I'm pretty sure people on this forum would be willing to help, but you question is way too vague.
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    I Mean Amazon App Store is better than other app stores ?
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    I have also faced the same kind of problem and I stop working on Amazon. I am also looking for any tips or advice.
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      Amazon app store is the best of a bad bunch outside of Google Play. I get downloads but a max of 5 a day is the most i have had. I have a list of alternative app stores if you want it send me a message.
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    I tried Amazon Appstore But I get bad results
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