Where do Good ideas come from?

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I love these comic style videos.

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    Thanks for the share.

    Some of the questions this video message suggests:

    What ideas do we have now gestating inside each of us and what are we going to do with these ideas? (In our waning years, we shouldn't have to say "I could have been a contender" and regret we didn't follow our own innovations.)

    What can we each do everyday to be better "idea incubators" by following "good personal practices for innovation" in our personal lives?

    What ideas do we get from others (in forums like this, for example) that we can use to "mash together" innovations that work for us individually?
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    Well in my opinion Good ideas comes from jokes if you try to understand.
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    Quentin: Are you psychic?

    I spent well over an hour today trying to find out how these videos are made.

    About one week ago I knew - as I researched it and found the info I was looking for.

    However, I didn't bookmark it - I thought I did but alas, nothing was in my BM's when I went looking for the info today.

    Apparently, it is very eeeeexpensive to get this type of video produced.

    Do you, or anyone else, have info or links as to how this is done!

    (Bless you for posting this here - I spend hours typing in search terms which I though would bring up this type of video. I still don't know what they are called, but I'm sure now that I have a reference point to work from I can figure something out!!!)


    Okay - I'm already on to it. The technique is called 'whiteboard video' - as if that is anything I would ever remember. However, I'm too tired to pursue it tonight, and since you are living at the bottom of the universe in Australia, and I'm on top in Canada, you're probably snorking happily away in bed right now - which is exactly where I'm heading as soon as I post this! But I'm onto this first thing tomorrow. And thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this!!!
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    ideas automatically comes when you start thinking of doing best in this your way . well best one i like it too.
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    Thanks for sharing, I have picked up a lot of good ideas by reading books on different topics personally...
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    I posted this on another post but I thought It would be good to go here also. I will give everyone the low down on video scribing since that is what I do. Video scribing and whiteboard animation are one in the same thing. They are not your typical videos. They are expensive but the Results of video scribing are fantastic Here is the breakdown and prices of these types of videos. The top 4 highest price companies in video scribing will charge around $15000+ per video. Those who want a 20 minute video could be looking at $40,000. When it comes to whiteboard animation videos two things matter. Quality (artwork) and price. Some of them have high quality but there are only 5 companies that have the quality that you need. RSA animate (you can't hire these guys they are booked and price is around 30K+) Room 214, ydraw, swithvideo and truscribe.
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