Need help learning how to create mobile sites

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I have few different sites that I have created and would like to start learning how to create mobile sites. I really want to create some mobile versions of the sites that I have.

2 of my wordpress sites have plugins to render mobile versions of the site but I think it would be better to have actual mobile versions of the sites.

Could someone point me in the right direction to learn how to create mobile sites.

Thanks for your help in advance!
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    If you already have some building experience you are well on your way. I recommend you get Quentin's course. It is strong and the finished product is fantastic. The price is also super reasonable. More than a few of us started here and are having success with it. Good luck.
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      You didn't really specify what method you want to use for creating the sites. There are the cheap & flimsy free mobile site builders. There's good ole hard coding. There's been plenty of WSO's around mobile site builders.

      And then you've got the good ole Google search which will provide you with more than what you asked for

      Ex-Google AdWords Agent

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    Totally agree with smhenrietta. Google is your friend! ;-) But you have to be willing to dig in and do the work. If you are looking for a good jumpstart then there are a couple of WSOs that you can use. These aren't going to make you an expert overnight but they will give you something that works out of the box and you can expand on them as you go along.
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      I too would go for Quentins option, I've been cranking out some really nice looking sites with not too much coding. He has various templates to get you started but its just as easy to create your own.

      Good luck
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      Originally Posted by gametic114 View Post

      Unfortunately, the mobile arena introduces a layer of complexity that can be difficult for developers to accommodate. Mobile development is more than cross-browser, it should be cross-platform. The vast number of mobile devices makes thorough testing a practical impossibility, leaving developers nostalgic for the days when they only had to support legacy browsers.
      Testing can be a nightmare but you can address it - emulators and simulators will give you an idea of what your site will look like, but you cant beat testing on real devices. We have a very simple test bed made up of the following devices:

      IOS Itouch and iPad
      Android - Samsung captivate
      Blackberry 8500
      Old school openwave flip phone

      Other than the flip phone which is pay as you go the other devices do not need expensive contracts as they can still access the web over wifi, this addresses a number of platforms and aging browsers.

      Additional real handset testing can be done online at - whilst not cheap they offer a great solution, plus one hour free trial - whilst overkill for some people the type of work we do we have to ensure our projects work across the broadest amount of devices possible.

      Hope that helps

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