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GM Emerges from Bankruptcy - Auto - FOXNews.com

Anyone interested in new gm cars? Some look promising and they are touting their new more 'green' vehicles. It will be interesting to see how they do after being 'reborn'
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    I hope GM can again stand on its own feet. If GM can get back into business then the economic conditions of USA will improve.
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    Their product mix is pretty boring, their reliability ratings are horrible, and they seem to be putting a lot of faith in the Chevy Volt leading their revival. Personally I believe the Volt will only attract "Greenies" with to much money in their pocket.

    They definitely have a long road to sow, but I do hope they make it.
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      My first car in 1982 was a 1967 Camero. That was a good car - at least it was a cool car. I'm pretty sure GM hasn't produced anything worth a crap since the 60's.

      The new cars will suck just like did 6 months ago (and have for the last 40 years) and the new GM will be losing money just as fast as the old one in due time.

      Having the governmemt involved will only make things worse, not better. Name one time it hasn't (except possible the New Deal efforts in the Great Depression - and this is not that).
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    I've always been a huge muscle car fan. I just dont care for newer cars. 60's, 70's muscle cars are just very straight forward and easy to work on
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