Why Do Hackers Hack? - This video from google explains

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I never really understood why people would want to try and hack my websites until i cam across this video from Google ..

If you have been hacked or are worried about being hacked, you should watch this.

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    Cos they are snooty skinny acne'd rejects from society, with no girls and no life, so they try to get back at society the only way they can. Feel sorry for them and move on.

    Personally I would grab a few of the top hackers and shoot them in public to make an example. Pretty sure hacking will come to an immediate halt.
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      When it comes to hacked domains that Google is looking at it's all about money. Links rank pages. Ranked pages generate income. Simple as that.

      BTW, a lot of newbie webmasters are hacking their own CMS/domains:
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      WC - You might want to consider self-censoring. You might not have an interest in this topic - doesn't mean others aren't interested.
      Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog
      "Rescued" does not mean they are damaged. It means they have been let down by Humans.
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    @ WalkingCarpet

    You wasn't too bored when you posted a personal rant.
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    I can tell it to you simpler and shorter!

    1. Why do they "HACK"? Because, contrary to scifi, you USUALLY can't just get control of a users OS!
    2. WHY do they want to get on a users OS? Generally to save money, by using the system or setting up their own website, etc.... Or to cause trouble, by using DDoS, putting up messages, sending spam, etc.... Or to make money by doing any of the above, etc.... Or to get "PRESTIGE" by doing any of the above, In the 1980s, a lot of hackers simply removed copy protection, and tagged the game. WHY? Oh SURE, they got a game to trade, and may have thus saved money, but the TAG gave them STREET CREDIT! The TAG actually helps LEOs analyze distribution patterns, and build a case, so just that little thing is risky. But it also got their tag out, and people knew THEY cracked the games. It is like a gang member "tagging the heavens"

    BTW DDoS is VERY dangerous! If you got your own sites to do it it would be EXPENSIVE, and you could easily be caught. The SAME is true of distributing copyrighted software/programs. In such cases, they often use hacked sites to do it.

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