If grid-down...options for IMers?

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I've been doing IMing for going on 10 years...

Lots is going on now...any thoughts in chat on how to handle if the internet goes down...

- CB
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    We would go back to using snail mail and direct response.

    Hopefully some of those internet monies are in greenbacks in a mattress.
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    If the Net goes down, it will also go down for all our customers so I'm not going to worry about it until it comes back online.
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    If the net went down the whole world would fail instantly considering just about everything bought or sold depends on the net.

    That candy bar you bought at a convenience store, the store manager ordered that from a supplier via the net. Most folks working a 9-5 job, get paid by direct deposit (net). Most folks pay their monthly bills via the net. The list goes on...

    Run for the hills because all hell would break loose in a few hours, especially when people figured out the banks were all shut down (net).
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      If the Internet goes down I would think the least of your concerns would be IM....

      If it's down for very long (like several days or more), you'd better hope you're a well-stocked "prepper". Yukon's right; things would get very chaotic very fast. Wouldn't be pretty, that's for sure.
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    I believe there is a new WSO on sale "The Art of Communications using Smoke Signals"

    George ONeill

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    You go to your postcard/door hanger campaign and also use the opportunity get some offline sales going while you wait for things to get going again.

    Things don't stop with the net down. I was in a store when the computers went down. You pull out the pad and pencils, a calculator if you need it and a tax chart and carry on. Older and wiser can carry on, those who don't have foresight will struggle.

    A well prepared business has an old fashioned ledger and paper invoice as a hard copy of proof for ordering or to deal with audits. Try telling those you owe money to that you couldn't pay them this period because the net was down and you might get a box of envelopes and a few stamps sent to you along with instructions on how to lick, seal, and mail it back.

    Modern convenience is great, but plan for the worst and shoot for the best and your butt will be better covered when the unexpected happens.
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