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Just taking a moment to introduce myself to your awesome forum. It was recommended to me by the author of an ebook I read recently who wrote a guide about becoming a super-seller on Fiverr (of which I am a seller on, as well) I know it's not good manners for me to barge in without telling a little bit about myself

I own 3 niche websites right now, they are on different topics; one of them (and the first) is about pet ownership. They are not very old, by the way, my pet website had its first birthday in it's still "maturing" I suppose. The other website is about crafts and crafting and my third website is about graphics including my own work in a portfolio showcased.

I got started on all this by an ebook I read by a very learned webmaster who teaches a course on passive income earning, of which I refer to the lessons more than once since the course hasn't cost me a dime! The webmaster (who's very sincere and practices what he preaches) calls his site the "lion's Club" guide to earning passive income (NOT the fraternity

Looking forward to spending quality time here and learning a lot of new things!!
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