Will Articles Directory be Considered as Search Engine Spam ?

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Dear Friends and Seo Experts,

I'd like to tell you that I'm working on My Articles Directory which contains about 100 Articles and those are related to My website.

Honestly saying that I bought those Articles from online.

I will publish them on my website at the Same Time for all those 100 Articles ! Will that be a Problem with Search Engines ???

The Reasons I'd like to Put those Articles On My website is to give the rich & useful Information for my visitors and readers.

Also to Promote my Products & Services with Related Articles. To also increase the Visitors Interest on my site.

And of course i put a lot of Adsense Ads and Kontera Content Link Ad to Promote My Ad Revenue.

But One thing I'm worried is that those 3 Major Search Engines ( Google,Yahoo and MSN ) will consider my site as Search Engine Spam !!!

Will they Ignore my site for doing that ?

Awaiting for your kind Answers.

Thanks & Regards

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