Trust Issues with the media.

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Joe Mobley
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    Here's a crowd of upstanding citizens trying to help their playmates overtake a cop.

    Video of brawl with cop leads to assault charges| Latest News Videos | Fox News

    This can go on for days. We're all just bigots, though. ;/
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    You have to LOVE(SARC) the MEDIA! I have spoken a few times about the attempts to change the English language. I am SLOOOOOOOOOW to be affected by that IDIOTIC garbage, but even I have to correct myself from time to time.

    I probably heard about it before, but someone noticed an attempt to do this 74 YEARS ago! He gave it a NAME! His description of his new language, that he said was merely an idea of what English would end up like given what he had ALREADY SEEN, was described as I described what I see. He later incorporated in a book he wrote about a dystopian future. We are clearly headed there! The future he described had the government tapping everywhere, like the recent APPLE SUIT the FBI started, and the M/S suit against the FBI that MS recently started, and the cameras everywhere, and things like the latest deal where the IRS can hold you prisoner in novel ways, and people at the airport can deny you access to planes, etc....

    ANYWAY, the language is described at: They ALSO describe the EARLIER book that was JUST on this language:

    SERIOUSLY, this allows people to trick others into thinking they will do the OPPOSITE of what they are going to do, and allows the MASS rewrite of history. WHY rewrite history books when you can simply change the meaning of words so that history is changed with the words looking the same?

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