Where to Go on a Summer Vacation in USA with Family

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Where we should go for summer vacation in the USA, Can you suggest any nice and cool place?
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    Hilton Head, SC. has always been a family favorite for Summer vacation. Beautiful beaches and landscape
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    I recommend San Diego. I spend a lot of time there and it's a fantastic place to vacation!


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    I hear Wooster in Ohio is nice this time of the year. Cheap too.
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      Originally Posted by whateverpedia View Post

      I hear Wooster in Ohio is nice this time of the year. Cheap too.
      There's one really expensive place you should avoid.

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    Somewhere cool? How about Alaska--although if you want to work on a summer tan, I have no idea how or if that works there.

    Second idea--how about a larger lake with good fishing, boating and cabin campground. If you've never cooked and eaten fresh-caught fish out of a lake, you can't imagine what you're missing.
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    Don't forget to visit Love Canal in New York.

    Just kidding.
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    We had a "fashion" thread from the OP - and now a "travel thread"....

    Only thing left in the sig is skin care...coming soon?

    Traveling from India, I think Alaska would be a great choice.
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  • Cape Cod beach is a nice place to visit during summer vacations.
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    try ontario

    they sound the same
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