What's the best PS4 Games

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I have been playing the old games on PS3 on my PS4 except for the "Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" which i consider is overrated.

However, i did enjoyed "Call of Duty: Adanced Warfare" and have gotten "Black Op III". What other game is super cool aside football, gta v?

How about "Tom Clancy, the Division"?
Any recommendations?
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    I have relied on Gamespot for a very long time when I have felt the need to scout games.

    The Best PS4 Games - GameSpot

    I still own over 300 games for the Xbox 360...a new system is in my future, but not anytime soon.

    Just yesterday. for the first time, I streamed Spotify Premium from my computer, through my router, to the 360, and then out to my TV and sound system via HDMI...wow, the sound is spectacular (and good visualizations too) using the free Jamcast server on my desktop machine.

    Gotta love streaming Spotify jams at 320kbps on the ol' the family room 360!


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    Definitely Battlefield 4. Looking forward to Battlefield 1, back to world war 1! Those super advanced modern shooters become quite boring lately.
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      Originally Posted by Olavski View Post

      Definitely Battlefield 4. Looking forward to Battlefield 1, back to world war 1! Those super advanced modern shooters become quite boring lately.
      I saw it been listed as one of the top ps4 games.
      I have always despised the first version of battle field.
      Will certainly get one.
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    You should definitely try Metal Gear series. It is my most favorite PS game ever.
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    As others have noted --> Battlefield and Gears of War are both awesome franchises. Heck, I was happy to see Metal Gear V offered as a free download for gold Microsoft users just a few months ago..

    I have not been a Playstation user since the PS1, but I still have a working unit with plenty of games. I have a small collection of working systems and games here...an Atari 5200, N64, PS1 and a Sega Genesis... My first 360 lasted 7 years or so and last year I decided to grab a new one. The optical drive is out on my original unit, but it still works fine for apps and games downloaded to the hard drive.

    I've been fairly well pleased at the free titles Microsoft has been giving away lately, oldies but goodies. Since October we have received, among others:

    Saints Row IV
    Dirt 3
    Sacred 3
    Crysis 3
    Gears of War 3
    Plants vs Zombies
    Dead Space
    Grid 2

    Even though I already owned about half of the titles...some excellent freebies, none-the-less!

    Personally, I am not a big first person shooter fan. Sure, I grabbed Call of Duty and some others along the way, but I am a big racing fan and I own most of the titles in the Need For Speed, Dirt and Forza franchises. I also love great tower defense games and Defense Grid is absolutely my favorite. Some of my other tower defense favorites are: Dungeon Defenders, Orcs Must Die, and Plants vs Zombies. Defense Grid 2 is out but not for the 360, bummer.

    The music games are not as popular as they once were but I do own the entire Guitar Hero series except for one title, and all of the Rock Band titles up to 3. Including DLC I have well over 1100 songs to jam on Rock Band, Band Hero, and Guitar Hero.

    Heck, I even have the RB full stage kit - real fog machine, real strobe, and a cool led mini can. Talk about having some fun with all ages of the family!! Currently we have a 5 piece drum kit, a 7 piece drum kit, 4 guitars and 2 mics --> and when we get it going on it's a blast for everyone.

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    Best ps4 games
    Uncharted - The Nathan Drake
    Mortal Kombat XL
    Batman: Arkham Knight
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