Are you a workaholic?

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How many of you out there wrestle with the urge to work outside of normal working hours?
If you have a hard time taking a break from work to the point where your physical and mental health are on the decline, its very possible you're actually addicted to work. And you wouldn't be alone: 27% of workers claim to be workaholics, and an estimated 10% might be clinically considered work addicts.
Working too much might not sound like a serious problem. In fact, nowadays, complaining about how much work you have has become a mark of social status for some people. But letting your job take over your life can have serious health repercussions, not to mention hurt your relationships with others.
Thankfully, there are things you can do to break your work addiction if its becoming a problem, like asking your friends and colleagues to keep you accountable, practicing mindfulness, and redefining what success means to you.
So, are you addicted to work? I found this interesting chart on the internet, if you quiz yourself using it, you will find out if you are truly addicted to work.
If it looks like youre addicted to work or are at risk from becoming addicted, then keep reading for helpful tips on taking control and learning to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
Dont forget to tell us your results!
Since I started working this year, I have to say Ive become quite of an workaholic myself, some days I work more than ten hours, which is a lot, but I think, in my case, it has more to do with disorganization than actually liking it, a lot of time I dont keep up to me deadlines and stuff like that, and that makes me work a lot of hours some days.
Whats is your experience with this kind of problems?
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    I am not workaholic, but I love my work and what i do. anyway thank you for this information.
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    Uh, no. That would cut into my time of being an alcoholic. Life is all about setting priorities.

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    I am not a workaholic, but l don't have time to post here...

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  • After all, what we want finally is get our work done. But we should schedule our priorities to have a balanced life style by spending time equally with friends and families. We have come here to live a life and enjoy not to be addicted to anything not even to work
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      Originally Posted by OBVA VirtualAssistants View Post

      spending time equally with friends and families.
      That's what drove me to becoming an alcoholic, in the first place.

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    I'm a workaholic but only because I have bills to pay.

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    I am not workaholic but I need to work.
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