How brands are talking about the LGBT Community

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Ive just camed across this excellent ad in youtube:
Its a smart TV ad from some Asian country (I really dont know what country), and its really impressive, simple, not a big production, but the message is very powerful.

After watching the ad a lot of similar ads targeted to the LGBT community in Asia appeared as suggestions, and it got me thinking, why are there so many LGBT related ads from Asian brands? But here in the western world, brands are not doing the same.

I mean, I know there are some brands out there that have created one or two interested ads on this topics, but most of them didnt, in fact, most of the brands still create ads and campaigns using traditional family values and roles, just check any soup or clean products campaign, 80% of the time is just targeted for woman.

Do you think brands in the western world should talk more to the LGBT community?
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