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Hi warriors,

I am an owner of a UK based Company and also leading the finance team of my company. But the problem is I travel a lot. And that's the main problem too. As Paypal track my Location and forbade me to open Paypal from different locations. And that's really hurting my business infrastructure.

So the question is, Can I Get a static IP from any VPN who fixed my location and bypass Location restriction of Paypal. Like Any VPN can provide me a fixed IP in say London. So whenever I want to access Paypal through VPN, Paypal allow me to access my account assuming I always present in London at the same location.

Hope I build my Question well,

Thanks in advance
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    The first thing I'd do is discuss this with someone at PayPal. Many business people travel, and this situation is bound to have been addressed.

    The other thing to say is that if you're using the internet from a variety of locations - especially over a wi-fi connection - you should definitely sign up with a VPN service anyway. Most of these services will offer a selection of server locations - many in different countries. It's just a sensible security precaution.
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    rent a server in your location so that you can access your paypal account from
    from anywhere across any continent. or have a server install in your company premises. you can use RDP session.
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    open your paypal account at home, then you can access it wherever you are


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